There are 5 Cruise Lines that are the best to start cruising free on.

I will repeat this later. Things change. This is is a list of the five best lines and what they wanted in the way of speakers at last look.

First, to better serve you I need to ask a big favor. I need to know how I can better serve you.

So, if you don’t mind, I am going to send you to a survey page. There you will be asked to check a few boxes. If you like, even tell me what you would like to know. Once there, you will automatically be sent the 5 Top Cruise Lines in your mail.

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If you have not left yet, one more question. Did you know that not only can you cruise free, you can also get paid.

On and in my private coaching I often tell of back of the room sales. It is possible to make sales of your product through the cruise lines. I will tell you about it in the next issue.

Think of it, speak, cruise free, and even make some money selling all in the same trip.

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Till then,

However you fare, may you fare well.

Jonathan Steele, The You Can Cruise Free Guy

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