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This is about public speaking, and being a SBI webmaster.

This is my first video production produced with the help of a Scranton University Student Michel DeAscentiis. It tells the story of Why I Love SBI, my web host. I think it is the same reason you will love SBI too.

For the Love of Art can be seen at YouTube along with other videos by Site Build It owners.

The Birth of the Speechmastery Web Site

This is about me and how this web site came to be.

Is the ability to give a good speech something we’re born with? How do people learn these skills? The answer to such questions began with a man named Peter and ended with this site, Speechmastery.com. This is the story about this site, public speaking and how an idea became a web site.

It's also about combining public speaking and nursing to become a...

Public Speaking Holistic Nurse

Some years ago I was introduced to a man named Peter as a result of a banking problem. This was not a small local bank. It was a national association with branches from coast to coast. The resolution of the problem was put into the hands of the regional vice president.

This VP, we’ll call him Peter, was brilliant with his use of words. He was undoubtedly a master at using words with the many he had to deal with. I was only concerned with his use of speech to one, me. As to what exactly he said that day, it has escaped my memory. My crisis was monumental. We were applying for a loan and our credit rating was worse than poor because of an error.

There was only one problem. Our credit should have been perfect.

Our first home purchase depended on clearing this up. What I do remember was at that moment, I felt as though Peter stopped everything he was doing to care for me. Regional VP, probably a very busy man, and it was as though he made the world stop to take care of my problem. Probably a very small one when compared to his world.

You have to wonder too, about how many people call who forgot a payment here or there. All these things going through my mind, why should he believe me? We double checked just to make sure and avoid making fools of ourselves.

It so intrigued me. What did he know about public speaking that I didn’t know? How did he become a master of speaking? The words I have forgotten. The impression of that day has lasted a decade. That is the point. The impression has lasted.

Words Have Power

How did he do it. Why was what he said so impressive, so persuasive even a decade later. The first lesson learned about public speaking as a result, the skillful use of words has power. Power to help, to heal, to serve.

More importantly, can I do it to? Can anyone learn to speak in such a way to inform, motivate, and persuade, and impress?

What he did for me in addition to solving the problem was leave me with a good feeling. A desire to continue banking with his bank. The lesson learned about public speaking, even though it was one on one, it can make people feel good.

More importantly it created feelings like ‘there were caring people’ behind the doors of what could be considered a cold heartless corporation. He was a live caring human. He cared about me. I could tell in his words. I don’t know if he dropped everything for me but it felt like it.

So one thing about that chance meeting I learned about persuasive speaking and motivational speech, you have to care.

Words, it was his use of words. This is what made him great with customer service. His use of words made him a good leader too. The second thing I learned about public speaking, the skillful use can enable you to persuade and to motivate.

Persuasion and motivation are two important aspects of being a good leader. It is also essential to deal with all the various personalities we come in contact with in life. At times a life may depend on what we say. It could be something as simple as get out of the building or take this medicine every day.

So the question that I couldn’t get out of my mind was, how did Peter become a master in the art of speech?

Part of my interest in his abilities using words had to do with my inability. I have given lectures to an audience of 1000, even around 2000. On talk radio to hundreds of thousands. But speech one on one was always a challenge. So the next question about public speaking, can anyone learn it?

Can anyone learn this?

So as far as Peter is concerned, my burning question, can people learn to speak that way or is it something you’re born with? I choose to believe it can be learned.

And that is an important thought about public speaking and the first premise on which this site is built. Anyone that wants to can learn speech mastery.

My Story About Public Speaking

To illustrate how anyone can learn, let me share my story about public speaking. Being in front of an audience is one of the greatest fear inspiring experiences one can have. Somehow I never knew I was supposed to be afraid. I am told that at seven years old I gave my first presentation in front of my school, in French no less. It was fun. I even memorized my lines.

By the time I was ten years old, I was doing it regularly.

My career in public speaking took off in the late 1980's, giving more lectures on more diverse subjects. The study of giving speeches continued.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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