Appropriate Enthusiasm

How Much, When, and How Can Enthusiasm Be Used Appropriately?

If you use appropriate enthusiasm

    your words and the way you present them will improve the motivational quality of your public speaking. The audience will not only pick up on the enthusiasm, they will be infected by it. It will stir them up. It’s contagious.

    To have appropriate enthusiasm throughout your speech, carefully weave it throughout your speech. Prepare what you will say to allow for a variety. Prepare how you will say it to show more enthusiasm in parts that call for it.

    Where do you present with more enthusiasm? The places where you want to motivate. The parts you want to persuade. The high points of what you’re speech is about. This will stir the audience up to feel as do you about what you’re saying.

    Think of your speech as a series of waves like those at the ocean beaches.

    Some are higher than others and some are more subdued. Gently lapping at the beach, they are beautiful. Never forget the power they have.

    Your speech can have that same power. If your enthusiasm like those waves has high points of appropriate enthusiasm and then allow for it to recede, your audience will be gently moved just as you would by a wave.

    Once you convince your audience, use enthusiasm to stimulate them. Show the self-serving benefit of applying what is being discussed in your speech.

    The words you use will help you reach the mind of your listeners. The enthusiasm you use will help you reach their hearts.

Avoid Inappropriate Enthusiasm

    Blind enthusiasm can make you look fanatical. Although you want to strive for an animated presentation, balance is needed.

    If your devotion or enthusiasm is based on a biased thinking, it will be blind to difficulties, challenges and objections. Nothing will kill your credibility as fast as fanaticism.

    Forced enthusiasm will look contrived.

    Being excited about every thing you say will make you seem bombastic. Your enthusiasm will quickly use up the energy of your audience and tire them out. Also they will be thinking about you and not the message you are charged with sharing.

    If you sound dogmatic you will lose credibility. Strive to sound convinced. If you haven’t read it yet, read the section on PREselling.

    Some parts of your speech will require more, others less. To curb enthusiasm, slow down and talk more deliberately.

Avoid being too sappy or gushy about it.

    For those not familiar with these colloquialisms, be careful not to sweet talk about it so much that it is overly sweet.

    Like the person who talks about how sweet their mother or wife it so much so that you wonder if they stir their tea with their little finger to sweeten it. If you were to ask, they would probably say they don’t. Of course the reason, it would make it too sweet.

And don't forget to be enthusiastic! It is an important speech quality and an important aspect of motivational speaking.

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