Become an Expert

Master this Mega Trend…Make a Public Speaking Income

The easiest way to make a living public speaking is to become an expert.

Ahhh, but your thinking, become an expert in what?

An Expert in What?

Before I answer that consider this. One scientific study said the average expert only peaks after about 10 years of hard work.

Think of that. You will not instantly become rich doing anything. It will take time, effort and energy. A friend who I worked with and who helped me with my first audio visual presentation is making a six digit income after several years of work to become an expert.

Note He did not reach the million dollars in sales until several years in the business. Getting rich quick is only a myth. Actually getting rich is a myth too. Having a lot of money will bring most people a lot of pain.

You might even say that you could become an expert on the pains of wealth.

Are you on a quest to make a lot of money? I would highly recommend you read The Millionaire Next Door. Please, if you want to get rich, this is not for you and I am not the right web site to help you on your quest.

I constantly get pitched by a site that brags about making over 64 million dollars from his web site. Only thing is, one of my friends bought something from him and had a hard time getting her money back when she felt it was useless.

If you want to get fabulously rich, you need to hang out with such folk though. They breed the excitement and thought process you will need to succeed.

If you do not want jets and yachts, after you make a million dollars and have all your bills paid off you can spend the rest of your life just about living off your interest.

Do not stop working. Just stop wasting your life working for riches. They are worth nothing when you are laying in the hospital bed dieing. I know because I have shared and seen the last moments of life with a few of my former patients.

Your memories, your knowledge, and the good you do for others will be something that you will have till your last breath. So make them great.

Become an Expert in a Trend

    The best way to become an expert is to choose a subject that is emerging as or will soon become a trend.

    This emerging trend needs to fill a job to be done that people have.

    The technology can be quite sophisticated. However, if you can make it easy to start consuming the product or service to satisfy that job to be done you will have a sure fire winner.

Here is Where Public Speaking Shines

    People need to be educated in how what you have will help them get what they want. Speechmastery is how you deliver the compelling what is in it for them and the call to action. Do it right and you will help them get their job done.

    If you help them get what they want, you can be assured you can get what you want. To do this you need to become an expert.

    Speechmastery requires knowing how to speak. Subject mastery requires knowing your subject. This will take some time to learn. It will take time to learn how to read and remember.

    Improve Your Ability to Read will aid you in this area.

    Improve Your Reading Comprehension is a skill you will need to develop to become an expert.

    Combine the two and you can become an expert public speaker on any subject.

Become an Expert Faster

    There is one way to get to expert public speaker faster. That is use a coach. The best coach you can use is someone who is already an expert in the field you want to enter.

    How do you find one. Start looking for seminars and lectures.

    If your a Real estate Sales Person, then start with the CEU classes you take. Who are delivering the classes? Did you hit it off with any of them? Do you like their style? You may have found someone to partner up with.

    Nursing, Education or any other field, you can find those who are already experts speaking on the subject.

What is the Topic?

    Ok, I have been dragging this out a bit. What trends are about to explode. What are the hot topics to become an expert on?

    Every day I hear of nursing shortages, health care concerns for Baby Boomers and related topics. What do you think is on the mind of the Baby Boomers?

    Health, their health, their parent’s health, and health care.

    A second area of interest is financial security.

    These will be two of the hottest topics to start your public speaking career on. This is where you can become an expert.

Consider Health Care

    Perhaps I am more exposed to the concern because of being a nurse. When I was in high school, guys always talked about girls. It seems once they reach a certain age all they talk about is their prostate. If they get cancer, all they talk about is their cancer.

    This is not wrong. It is just that they have become their disease. Do you see a job to be done here?

    People who have health problems have a job to be done to get healthy. Healthy people, because everyone around them has problems, do not want to have problems. Their job to be done is stay healthy.

    There are a dozen topics you can speak on here.

    Prostate Problems, Cancer, Diabetes, Breast Cancer to name just a few.

    Bit your thinking that you’re not a Doctor or a Nurse. Well there is a whole other side of health care that is exploding called Alternative Medicine. It is using natural substances and foods to help treat or manage problems. So, even the diet can be a topic.

    Think of this...Diets for Diabetics. Substituting this for that and not losing taste. How to prepare foods that are tasty? This has a lot of potential. Who would hire your expertise?

    Hospitals and places that cater to diabetics would be a place to start.

    Included in the alternative would be motivational speaking.

    Again consider diabetics. They not only need to have medical care but mental care to manage the avoidance of foods that could harm them. This means there is a job for a motivational speaker.

    But wait. Most speakers make their money from back of the room sales. If you want to take the time to make a product, go for it. Or you can sell a product already researched and proven effective. Look at what other experts are doing.

Why Reinvent the Wheel?

    Find an expert in what ever field you would like to begin speaking about. Find someone who is already speaking on the subject. Go to their seminars and lectures. Listen and learn.

    Finally, approach them and ask if you can join them.

    In the Credit Free Class section of, the first class I attended was taught by a guy who started his career exactly this way.

Requirements of Success

    An interesting aspect of human nature is that we have greater appreciation for those things we work hard for.

    A second principle of human nature is that we tend to be better able to promote those things that we have personal experience with.

    So with these two principles in mind, to become an expert you will need to make an investment in the back of the room products. That investment will be in time to become familiar with or the use of the products.

    There are two ways to get these products. If you become an expert, you can write them yourself. Or you can purchase others products and sell them. A third way is arrange in advance to sell for a company or sign on as a speaker who presents the product.

    As a matter of fact, I would recommend you not consider this unless you try the products and they work for you. What ever you are selling you really need to believe in. Unless you are passionate about the product, you may not have the self motivation to be successful.

    Successful public speaking and Speechmastery require self motivation.

The Reading Requirement

    It will require some reading. No, it will require a lot of reading. It will require an investment of time to either know or create your own back of the room products.

How Soon Can I Start Making an Income

    If you put in the work and time, with in six months an income of a few thousand has been attained by many. Your success will depend on the demographics, how diligent you are, and how well you follow through. Part of your time will be spent learning how to put on a presentation, how to advertise and how many will show up.

What to do next

    Go to my Contact Information Page

    There you can send me a message and we can communicate via e-mail, I can phone you if you leave your phone number with area code and a time to call or I can e-mail you.

    You have to know or want to know about something. You will find added motivation if you have passion about a subject. Start with these and I will be happy to make some suggestions on where you can go from there.

    And as always, we will never sell or give out your information.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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