Benefit Public Speaking

Benefit public speaking requires a combination of persuasive public speaking and master of ceremonies skills.

Like any other public speaking, there should be a theme or a focus. There should also be a most wanted response. This will in some way be associated with the purpose of the benefit.

Benefit public speaking will also require an entertainment component. Rapport will need to be ratcheted up to build enthusiasm and excitement. This is the master of ceremonies aspect.

How do you incorporate both.

It comes down to the basic purpose of the web site. If you master the three pillars of great public speaking you can rise to any occasion.

    The Three Pillars
  • What You Say
  • How You Say It
  • How You Present Yourself

Dynamic Public Speaking...How You Say It.

    To make your public speaking at a benefit really stand out, think of it as being dynamic speaking.

    Dynamic range is from the highest audible sound to the lowest sound. Just as in music and singing, dynamic public speaking involves the full range of public speaking skills.

    Three of the most important aspects of dynamic public speaking are pace pitch and power, volume and pausing, and modulation.

    Wait, there are six speaker skills here. True, but these skills work in conjunction with each other to create whole speech that is greater than the sum of the parts. Speaker Skills has a full list of the skills you can start to master.

    Dynamic Public Speaking

    This will cover the how you say it aspect of Speechmastery.

What You Say

    If the benefit is funded by tickets, the speaking can be limited. If the benefit will be funded by donations given at the gathering, then the speaking focused on fund raising motivational speaking will be the most beneficial.

    Public Speaking Motivation covers the basics of how to motivate. Poignant stories and especially those that have a moral component tied in often have the best appeal.

How You Present

    Dress for success. Use the decorum that would be expected of success. Act the part of success. Picture yourself as if you have already received your most wanted response.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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