The Best Toothpaste for Public Speaking

Or...How to Put an End to the Pink in the Sink

Please note: My best toothpaste, gum disease and public speaking experience and comments have not been evaluated by the FDA. I would love for them to evaluate my experience. It might make it possible to help others faced with the challenge of bleeding gums.

These comments are not suggesting this is a cure, treatment, or diagnosis for any disease or condition.

What do toothpaste, gum disease and public speaking have in common? If you’re a professional public speaker your teeth are part of your essential equipment. If you are affected by gum disease then that essential equipment along with your health is at risk. The most basic way to care for that equipment is brushing your teeth with a brush and the best toothpaste for oral health.

The Best Tooth Paste

If you’re among the Pink in the sink club and if you’re like me, you have tried every type of mouth wash and toothpaste in existence. You probably have even gone to task with the dentist about oral health. No matter what I did it always looked as though my oral hygiene was lacking...

...until I found the best toothpaste for oral health.

This is a way to put an end to the pink in the sink. It was rather surprising actually. The hero of this story is a tri-peptide called Glutathione.

Early in my nursing career, there was never any mention of Glutathione. Not in the text books and not in literature. Yet it is in every cell in your body. It is the body’s master antioxidant. Only problem, you cannot take the actual tri-peptide. Our bodies will break it down into unusable parts and dispose of it.

Note: Save your money. Glutathione supplements (pills) sold by the ...What Doctors Don’t Want You To Know People.... are, according to high level studies, of no value to the human body. They could be a total waste of money. Those same people push calcium products that have higher lead content than the industry allows in their calcium that is no better than limestone.

The only way to increase Glutathione in the body is to take the precursors. Here it gets a bit tricky. The precursor amino acid gamma-glutamic acid and glycine are readily available in the North American diet. They are two of the three necessary precursors.

The third precursor is Cysteine. Cystine, a single molecule of cysteine with out the sufla bond, on its own is considered a poison by the body. So the only way to take it is when two cysteine molecules are bonded together and it becomes cysteine.

So the results are simple. Increase your body’s cysteine intake and you increase the glutathione levels in the body.

Now here is the second part of the best toothpaste, gum disease and public speaking connection. Our mucous membranes are basically the same tissue from beginning to end. Our gums are the start of that special tissue that goes through our body. It is also the fastest healing tissue in the body.

Our gums easily absorb medicines just as the gut does with one added advantage. The effect does not need to wait to pass through the stomach.

This advantage is enhanced in that the tissue in the mouth can absorb things that might be destroyed by the stomach acids. It also has the potential to absorb things very fast and deliver them to the blood supply.

This is why Nitro pills are given under the tongue when someone is feeling chest pain (read: is having a heart attack). It can get to the blood faster than if it had to go through the stomach.

What would happen if you gave the gum cells cysteine while the teeth are being brushed? They would seem to be able to absorb it allowing the cellular production of glutathione and you would have healthy gums. So the toothpaste would need to have this ingredient to make for healthy gums by building glutathione.

If you have healthy gums, you are on your way to healthy teeth and a healthy body.

The best toothpaste will promote healthy gums. The reason I know is because I noticed a decrease in the pink in the sink in just a few days. As I told others about it, they also noted that my gums didn’t look inflamed as they often did.

This eliminates another problem. Alcohol based mouth washes although they have been clinically proven to decrease gingivitis can be detrimental to public speakers. They have a nasty side effect of drying the gums out. This is another reason that this is the best toothpaste for oral health you can buy.

There is nothing worse than dry mouth when you have a 45 minute to one hour speech. Even worse, you are putting on an all day seminar and you constantly have to lick your teeth with your tongue to moisten them. It is noticed and it is quite distracting to the audience.

This best toothpaste becomes a solution to the dry mouth problem as well. Healthy gums mean moist gums.

There is more. Bacteria cannot live in an alkaline state. Our bodies tend to be on the acid side of the balance. Eat sugar and the chances of your body and mouth becoming more acid in its balance.

So, a baking soda based formula will create an slightly alkaline condition in your mouth. Bacteria cannot grow in an alkaline environment.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it for your self.

If you have tried everything else, what do you have to loose? More importantly, consider how it can help you if it works for you.

Ready to see the connection between Toothpaste, Gum Disease and Public Speaking.

1. Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda.

1/4 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide or (even better) 1/4 tablespoon of bio-active whey protein isolate. This can be found in health food stores. Get the kind that is in individual packets and not the bottles.

2. You can add a drop of food grade peppermint oil or lemon zest to the baking soda (process in a blender or food processor).

3. Apply the mix to your toothbrush and brush.

Get More Glutathione Information and see why this is the best toothpaste you can get.

There is another way to get the same effect. It is called Red Light Therapy. It involves using red LED lights and red near-infrared lights. Simply put the lights on your face on the outside of your lips. Hold the lights for about 10 min but not much longer. In a few days, the gums will start to improve and you will notice a dramatic change in your oral health. The Best Toothpaste for Public Speaking

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