Voice and Body Mannerisms

Avoiding Them In Public Speaking

Voice and Body Mannerisms Can Take on a Life of Their Own.

    The definition of mannerism is a particular way of speaking or an idiosyncrasy. It could be a behavior or way of thought that others would think peculiar. So this second section looks at body and voice mannerisms.

Voice Mannerisms

    One of the most challenging aspects of speaking is our voice. In most cases it is not a problem. Even accents are like spices to our speech, they make them tasty. Sometimes it does not work.

    One of the chief complaints of those who heard Hillary Clinton speak is her mannerism in both voice and body. Regardless of feelings about her politics, her mannerisms were a turn off.

    The only way to know if you have such a mannerism is to have a speaking coach to work with you. These we will usually be unaware of unless pointed out to us.

    Word Whiskers are another way that we can fall into the trap of mannerisms. Saying things like...and now, or just repeatedly through the talk the word...now is a form of mannerism.

Body Mannerisms

    Our body can start to become a mannerisms when looking at the overall body movement.

    I have seen several times when a nervous speaker would rock to the left and right like they were a speaking metronome. Note: A metronome is a device with a vertical arm that that rocks rocks left to right and gives a tick to mark time for musicians. On other occasions, some rock forward and backward. The irony, the movement is almost exactly the same even though these people come from diverse backgrounds.

    Other mannerisms of the body can include leaning on the lectern. Some may do this feeling like it is their style. What will they do when they speak with just a microphone.

    Not all mannerisms of body and voice are bad. The best way to know where you weigh in is to get a public speaking coach to watch you and get their honest opinion.

Public Speaking Mannerisms looks at gestures that become habitual movements.

Public Speaking Gestures Home Page and more gestures information.

Speechmastey.com: The Public Speaking Body Mannerisms Website

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Like Stamped Steel Pieces.

One may be interesting. A few become annoying. Using the same one over and over can become boring.

What is your mannerism? How will you get it under control?

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