The Body of a Speech

Writing Guidelines for Public Speakers

If you are following this thread in order, the body of a speech is the next step in progression of writing a speech. If your following the house building illustration that started this thread. it continues here. This is where the details are cared for and the house is completed. Here, the speaker skill qualities you will master shall make you shine.

The body of your speech needs to be constructed logically. It needs to be coherent. It needs to flow.

There is a challenge innate to writing or public speaking. When we write or speak, we know what we mean. However, our speech needs to be written for the audience to know what we mean.

As a general rule, always remember that nothing is fool proof for a talented fool.

For instance, in one speech, the speaker, a lawyer started talking about the radio station WIIFM. This elicited a question from a colleague sitting next to me. She wanted to know what the number on the dial was. She was so busy taking notes that she didn’t hear what WIIFM stands for. (Whats In It For Me)

Generally speaking, a 45 to 60 minute talk will allow for three and not more than five points to be developed. There may be exceptions, but as a rule, most in the audience will not remember more that 3-5 points.

Think of the points as each being 12 minute talks. Develop each of the points as if it was a talk in and of it’s self.

Then once completed, connect each of the parts to the whole. Each part can weave the original introductory attention grabber. At the least, each of the considerations needs to point to and remind the audience of the theme of the talk.

More Points than Your Body Can Hold: What to Do

There are a number of options. If you are required to review several points, create a print out of the points and pass it out. Then acknowledge the points but only focus on the three that will have the greatest impact with your audience. Remember the 80 20 rule. @0 percent of our efforts produce 80% or our results. Go for the best results.

I using Power Point or Keynote, have all of the several points up but enlarge the three main points and have the screen fade to each of the main points as you progress through your body.

Once the body of a speech is completed, it is time to create a conclusion.

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