Body Type Persuasion

Did you know that there is a body type persuasion connection?

The Body Type Results

    How does body type or your sex influence your ability to persuade? Since it could affect your ability, do you think you should know?

    As you read this, do not think that your doomed to failure. Knowledge can allow you to arm yourself, or at least your brain to be prepared to meet the needs of the audience.

    People tend to follow the opinions of people like them. Add similar appearance, hobbies and behavior and you will become even more persuasive.

    Studies have shown that....

    Name resemblance effects persuasion...

    A thin man would usually believe another thin man over a heavier man. Body weight and persuasion have a strong connection.

    A skinny people perceived to be more attractive, and as such, more persuasive. Why do companies hire see good-looking actors to endorse products...

Sex and Persuasion

    What about your sex.

    Studies seem to indicate men are slightly more persuasive than women because we people tend to think men to have higher credibility and expertise in most situations.

    However, is the topic is stereotypically the domain of a woman, such as child care, for example, then the woman will win out over the man.

    There are other persuaders.


    Mode of communication

    Situation of communication

    Style of communication

    A woman may be more efficient at influencing another woman that she is not known to in a face to face conversation. Women tend to be better at getting to know another quickly when in person.

    A man may more effectively persuade using a letter or email where the focus is on the text and not the person.

    People tend to be more persuasive with members of their own sex.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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