DIY Successfully Build A Web Site

You can successfully build a web site if you have the right tools. With a coach or just following a tutorial, if you know how to send an email and you know how to write a letter, you can do it. You can Build Your Own Internet Based Business.

One way to make money with public speaking is to teach a class. For me, this actually fulfills a life long goal of wanting to teach in a classroom. Public speaking, teaching and web site building, three of my favorite things to do and I will get to do all three at once.

A Unique Teaching Model

    There are build a web site classes available. It is taught by a unique training model.

    Rather than teaching how to build a web site (theory), you will start from the beginning to actually make your own internet based business. Yes, you will actually build your own web based business of your choice as part of the class. You can then take those skills and continue to build a thriving e-commerce business with potential to produce income for your family.

    Think about that. You will learn how to build a business you can keep running and building.

    But to have a business you will need to make money.

    Although some do make money on the web, by one estimate 99% of web sites fail their primary goal. You will learn the reality of how the web works.

    Build a Web Site that Gets the Click

      Many have told me how they have spent anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands for their web site and they get no traffic. One of my students was paying out five thousand dollars a month in ads to only make five thousand dollars in return for his business. Normally that would not be bad, if the customers continued to come back. However, the life time value of his customers was one sale. He was wasting his money.

      So with over 1 million web sites around the world, what chance does a small website in your town have to capture a spot on the World Wide Web?

      The answer is plenty.

      First it is important to learn how to build a site and each page to get the click. With the right tools (you get to keep them and have use of them for a year as part of the annual website fee. These tools will help you with the market research which is the first part of the site building process.

      Personal Note: One gentleman asked me to help him get started building his own website. It was for the dies that smash pennies or elongates them into trinkets. You find these machines at arcades. He had no competition. He also had no market 15 years ago. On the average, there were only 4 searches a month. While today, there is much more interest, at the time, there was not. You need something that people want. How much they want it then determines if you can build a successful business. Selling million dollar homes may only take 50 visits a month. To sell pennies for a profit of, well, pennies, will require a whole lot more traffic. This is covered in the market research section of your education.

      Part of the market research involves learning how people search the web. This will determine how to build each page and who your target market is.

      For instance, there are local searches. People use the internet like the yellow pages of a phone book. Only they want more than just an address. They want information. Perhaps this is how you found this page.

      If a local businessman learns how to create a web site with this in mind, he can capture a lot of local business that he will be able to help with his product or service.

      Suppose you want to build a web site on something your passionate about. You will be learn how to find out if there is enough demand (people looking for your passion) and if there is not enough supply.

      To illustrate, suppose you are an artist and you want to build an art web site. You will find out that there are 500,000 people a day searching the word art. Now if you check out the supply, you will find out that there are 5 million pages of supply. So there is way more supply than demand. It will be impossible to get a lot of traffic to a site based on that word.

      So then you would look for other words related to art where there is decent demand and not so much supply that you can carve out a niche for yourself.

      We are not done yet.

    Build a Web Site That Makes Money

      Most people build a web site to make money. If that is your purpose, the next step is monetization. It is necessary to see if it is possible to make any money on the topic. That is one of the modules of the class.

      If you have noticed, we have not even started to talk about the actual building a web site. Before choosing a domain name it is important to do this research.

      Once done, a domain name can be crafted, chosen, and the site building process begins.

      Here is where the real fun begins.

      Using the site builder created by Site Sell, the students will learn how to build a web site that gets the click.

      Site Sell is our hosting company that offers a subscription to a suite of tools that can help anyone build a web site. All you need to provide are brains and motivation.

      Like building a brick and mortar business, this involves work. The only thing, the tools make it possible for almost anyone to succeed. I know because this is how I learned to build my successful web sites. Yes, I have a few.

      You can do this on your own. I did. However if you prefer learning with a coach or a tutor to help you along the way, then we can provide that essential component to your learning process.

      So come join us and learn how to create your own web site.

      Need more information on how to build a web site yourself?

      Please feel free to call me. I will be out of the office most of the time so (I’m sorry) please email a message as to what you would like to know, when I can call back and let me see if I can help you too. Your email query is free.

      The training program is designed to take about 10 weeks. Three hours of class room and 8 hours of home work required during the week. That is a little more than an hour a day plus the actual class which you will do in the privacy of your own home.

      Join us and learn how you can create a successful website for yourself.

    Contact Me Yes, you can contact me personally if you have a question about the class or the web site building program. Please give the best phone number to reach out and talk in person if you prefer. The Build A Web Site Public Speaking Website

    Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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