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What's in Your Milk?">

The information in this book changed my life. Previously thinking I was allergic to milk, on learning the contents of this book, it turns out I can drink milk, only it has to be organic. Information like this is powerful for public speakers and especially when they speak to parents of little children.

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Review by Jonathan Steele

Make Your Site Sell

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This book is so full of links and other resources. I am sending you to another site to tell you about it. As far as Business Book Reviews on this book are concerned, it has been one of the best books ever on the subject of how to create a web site that gets traffic and sells what ever you want to sell. It is a must read if you think you want a web site.

If you own a web site and you’re not getting traffic, it will tell you what you need to do.

It works. I know because I am following the principles of the book with this site.

It is co-written by the web host with more sites in the top 1% ranking of all web sites. That has been certified by independent research.

So when there is proof like that behind a theory, there is sound reason to listen to it.

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The Innovator's Dilemma by Clayton Christensen

This business book lived up to the hype on its cover. In the words of Andrew S. Grove, Chairman and CEO of Intel Corporation, "It's lucid, analytical--and scary."

It is scary in that when you read it, you will have a sense of this is not just theory, Christensen has found a truth of how markets work.

It changed the way I do business just as the cover jacket said.

Review by Jonathan Steele

The Innovators Solution by Clayton Christensen and Michael E. Raynor.

Most importantly, this business book told me not only why past business ventures worked or failed, but how to with increased certainty build and sustain growth in any business venture.

It also opened new horizons that otherwise I would not have considered, like the web site you are now visiting.

This is great fodder for any business speech you may give. His explanation of framing and the use of words are powerful examples of the power of persuasive speaking and what can be accomplished in our speeches.

Its message is clear and concise. It tells how markets work, more importantly why they work. His suggestions that would apply to speakers are not gimmicks. They are a rational scientific and psychological means to accomplish a goal.

I have to say, this is a must read business book for anyone who is or wants to be in business and be successful.

You will have a whole new view of commerce once you read it.

Even better than the first, Dr Christensen has produced the perfect sequel to his first book.

Having listened to it once and read it a few times, this book empowered me to return to being a full time artist. My art now is now hanging around the world. Even though considered an emerging artist, my first major commission was just fulfilled, in Soho, New York's art central. This less than one year after starting.

Go on the web and check out other business book reviews on this book. It is a must read for anyone in business.

Review by Jonathan Steele

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Seeing What's Next

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