Your Business Card

Your Ultimate Public Speaking Advertising Tool

The business card is probably the most underused form of public speakers self marketing available. It is also the cheapest form of advertising second only to viral marketing and a web site built on the CTPM theory.

It can cost as little as 2.9 cents per contact to put your public speaker information in the hands of those who could potentially book you. You will find that when you use a business card, something viral will happen. People pass them on, they share them.

  • How can this advertising medium be used effectively?
  • What additional ways can they be used?
  • What’s your Business Card 30 second rap?

Lets look at the answers to these questions. These are just a few of the many ways to use business cards to market your public speaking business.

Effective Advertising and Marketing
Effective use of this advertising medium is simply just handing it out. Give it to everyone.

Those You Meet

If someone comes up to you and introducing themselves, give them your card. If you meet someone give them a card. You see someone who you can identify because of their profession, give them a card. In the grocery line, give them a card. Gas station, shopping lines, parking lot, give them a card.

When I am in line at a store, if I see someone who looks interesting, I will offer a card. I do not discriminate. I am constantly surprised at who people really are and nobody knows.

I met a gentleman over 30 years ago. Perhaps he was in his late 50’s. His dress was very humble, his car was not fancy. He seemed very plain. Until I found what his job was. His annual salary was in excess of 100k (in 1987) based on industry income reports.

The average millionaire lives next door to you, shops with you, even looks like you.

What additional ways can they be used?
Add a card to any letter you send. Attach a card to any package you send.

Leave cards where you will be a value added for other companies. For instance, if you were in home inspections, you could leave a number of cards with Realtors who would recommend you along with others.

Use cards as a free give away. Include the code to a password protected page on your web site and offer free information for anyone who gets the card and checks it out.

Also use them to send traffic to your web site. Put the URL or your web site address as the main line. Hand out as above.

Want to stretch the boundaries...I have one card printed up with a URL that gives away a free e-book. Would you like to check out the book?

What’s your Business Card 30 second rap?
If you only had 30 seconds or less to hand out a card, what would you say to capture the attention of those who will receive your business card?

For my art business card I will say something to the effect of this is my attempt at shameless self promotion as an artist. Many will get a smile or even laugh. Occasionally I will even get a card back. A few times cards were returned from other artists.

My best response came from someone who, unknown to me, was an art gallery owner. A request to show my art was offered. It has happened twice.

Come up with something you can say in 30 seconds or less. Match it to your most wanted response.

In my 30 second rap, my MWR is to just be known.

Your MWR may be to fill their job to be done. In that case allow it to fill the receivers potential self serving interest.

Do this with your Public Speaking Business Card and you will have the ultimate advertising tool.You will have one of the ultimate means for public speakers self marketing. Home: The Public Speaking Business Card Website

Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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