Business to Business Networking or B2B

A Public Speaking Opportunity

All around the country you will find B2B or business to business networking. When the B2B Networks have meetings, you have an opportunity to speak. Actually two chances to speak in public.

Business to Business Networking Public Speaking

    The first chance to speak is generally a 30 to 60 second chance to pitch what you do and the kind of customer you are looking for. This meeting provides a weekly chance to perfect your elevator pitch and even get feedback.

    The second speaking opportunity is when it will be your turn to speak for 10 minutes.

    There may even be a third time if educational session completes the meetings.

    The advantages of this kind of speaking:

    • speak and observe other speakers
    • speak every week
    • get feed back in the form of increased biz
    • get feed back by simply soliciting it from others
    • use and perfect your one minute speech

    Speaking for one minute will be much more challenging than you could imagine.

    • You only have one chance to use the words you use.
    • You have only one chance for how you use those words.

    However, you get that one chance every week you show up.

    On the positive side, you have that chance once a week.

    Other benefits include getting recommendations and income producing work.

    It may even get you a speaking job unlike anything you could imagine.

    To find your local B2B or B to B or Business to Business network, just start asking other businesses in your area if there are any local groups.

    There are two kinds of groups. Some have membership dues and rules, some are free and somewhat lassie-fare.

    In North East Pennsylvania, there are three B 2 B groups. One meets at a local Friendly's Restaurant ever Thursday at 8 AM in Dunmore PA.

    In Carbondale there is another group that meets at the BrynMar Restaurant on Wednesday. There is a third group in our area but they have exclusive membership and could cost a $1000 a year or more when figuring in the cost of meals.

    Each of these have a format as mentioned above.

Personal Note: These meetings have given me the opportunity to meet and help numerous other local businesses. I have also made thousands of dollars because of the introductions that these meetings provided for me.

Likewise, I have been able to steer thousands of dollars to other local businesses, helping them as they helped me. And of course, as a result of these meetings, I have benefited from the the services of the other members.

As a result of the association, often the services were even provided at discount.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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