The Canker Sore Cure

Zinc Lozenges

A canker sore can wreak havoc on a public speaker.

A simple canker sore cure lies in zinc lozenges. Clinical studies have shown that zinc lozenges reduce the length of a cold. Public speakers have long known that zinc lozenges virtually eliminate sore throats over night. Well it turns out that the same zinc that blasts your sore throat out of existence can do the same for canker sores.

This is good news in the public speaker health department.

What are Canker Sores

    Although you may not know them by their scientific name, aphthous ulcers, if you have had one, you do know what they feel like. You want relief.

    Small, shallow ulcers in the mouth make eating and especially for public speakers, talking unbearable. They can appear almost anywhere inside the mouth although the usual place is inside the cheeks or inner aspect of the lips.

    Anyone can get them and at any time.

    They happen most often from teen years till the mid 20’s and women tend to have them more often than men. They are not known to be contagious.


    Doctors do not know what causes canker sores. What is known, they seem to be triggered by stress, inadequate nutrition, food allergies and even menstrual periods.

The Canker Sore Cure

    Good news...First, the current thinking.

    The common treatment is no treatment. The pain either goes away after several days or we get used to and begin to tolerate the pain. The body can heal them within two weeks, usually within one and can be longer than three.

    However the same power that makes zinc work for a sore throat is the same power that works to cure canker sores.

    In the hospital, when faced with wounds that would not heal, it used to be common practice to put zinc oxide on the wound.

How it Works

    The zinc makes it impossible for the cause of the wound, sore throat or canker sore to proliferate. With this happening, the body can do what it does best, only faster.

    How fast? Some have noted a decrease in pain within just hours and healing within a few days.

    To get it to work, place the zinc lozenge in your mouth until it is moist. Then with the tongue place the lozenge on or as near as possible to the canker sore.

    Healing will begin.

    Good health to you with this canker sore treatment and remedy. The Public Speaking Canker Sore Cure Website

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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