This Cayenne Energy Drink is a Blast

Use Cayenne to Make Ice Cold Hot Lemonade

Ice Cold Hot Lemonade is not what you think. Cayenne pepper, the main ingredient can bring on some serious consequences with the misuse so please read the entire section.

Why it Works

    Several factors are involved. If the lemonade is made from real lemons, the resulting affect to the human physiology is to pull the body ph to the alkalotic side (your body is slightly on the alkaline) of the scale. The theory is that many diseases and even virus thrive in acidotic conditions. The side of the scale for optimum health would be the alkaline side.

    You can use any kind of cool juice and make it 'hot'. Ice cold lemonade is the best.

    But you may be wondering, ‘Hmmm, how is it that the lemonade which is citric acid can cause the body to become alkalotic?’ Great question. Science doesn’t know either. It is presumed that it is a compensation mechanism. Also remember, there are numerous phytochemicals that work synergistically in all the natural foods we eat.

    So make your traditional lemonade with real lemons and sweeten to taste. Although it is best to serve ice cold, don't serve it on ice.

But Wait, this is only the first part of the mixture.

    Now add the heat. About 90,000 Scolville or more heat units to be exact. If your not used to the hot of Cayenne pepper, add only a small portion and work your way up to one rounded teaspoon of cold processed cayenne pepper. The best quality starts at 90,000 and goes up. A lesser number is a lesser quality.

    The heat comes from a phytochemical called capsaicin. In addition to the hot sensation you will feel in your mouth and stomach, capsaicin also reduces platelet stickiness and research is finding it useful in pain relief. Cayenne also contains the vitamins E, C and carotenoids.

    You may be thinking great, give it to me in a pill, ill skip the pain. From personal experience, I can attest, it doesn’t work as well. This because our digestion starts in the mouth. Saliva and especially the pepper hitting out salivary glands and the mucous membranes causes a cascading effect. That effect only happens when it is taken naturally.

    Additional benefits include improved blood flow and circulation, improved digestion, relief from bloating and gas, digestive health, pain relief, sore throat relief (How could any virus survive 90,000 units of heat from cayenne) and even headaches benefit.

    Cardiovascular benefits include reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It has properties that decrease the risk of heart attack, stroke and pulmonary embolism. It also boosts immunity. Reduces and even prevents stomach ulcers.

The Nose Knows

    It stimulates nasal secretions resulting in relief from stuffy nose or congested lungs. It works faster than the similar compound used in cold remedies used as a decongestant.

    The decongestant properties result from the way the body absorbs the capsaicin. First it is absorbed through the mucous membranes. This can be seen by the effect it has making your eyes water and even nose run as soon as it hits the mouth.

    In medicine, this is called the onset. The time it takes to start working is only seconds. The immediate effects attest to how powerful and fast acting this vegetable is.

    A secondary entry happens later through the blood stream with digestion.

    It is important that it be cold processed. When cooked, many of the chemicals in the peppers are destroyed. Rather than helping, it could hurt.

    Something in the raw peppers has a curative effect on the stomach.

    This is not new thinking. This was known by doctors over 30 years ago. This was known before Russians doctors discovered that some stomach ulcers were caused by bacteria that thrive in (where did you hear this before) acidic conditions like the stomach. Treat the bacteria and it is possible to eliminate the ulcers in some cases. Cayenne does just that.

A true Cayenne Story

    One dear friend at her retirement party, (25 years ago) had to be rushed to the hospital. The problem, ulcers in her stomach. The doctor told her no more spices. The foods she loved were to be consumed no more.

    This happened in Denver, Colorado. To put hot and spicy food in perspective, many who do not like spicy hot foods do not like the burning sensation in the mouth.

    Well friend, you have not experienced hot if all you felt was in you mouth. Truly hot is ranked by various means and terms. For my friend, it had to be in the 250,000 units of heat range to get her excited. Let’s say, so hot that in addition to the mouth burning, for you and me, we would have eyes watering, nose running, and even ears would get warm.

    What about minimizing the effects? Sugar, milk, salt. Nope. Maybe milk if you drink it before the pepper. However, it does not make a great combo with lemonade. Also it will diminish the effectiveness of what you would want it to do. Remember this, it only lasts for about 3 minutes. Three minutes for an incredible boost. It is worth it for many.

    This is what she loved and could no longer have. However, she was instructed by her doctor to eat 1 teaspoon of cold processed cayenne pepper three times a day. No other spices however.

    She was in heaven. Eating all her favorite foods and healing at the same time. There was a side effect. She started having all kinds of energy.

    This is because of the many benefits produced by cayenne. Among them, the pepper also causes the body to make the shift to the alkaline side of the balance.

    Why does it give energy? For a number of reasons including increase blood flow. Another is the heat it produces in our body.

Word of caution.

    Do not take after 5 PM or you may stay awake all night. Best to take it at early morning or lunch. It is that good. Do not do this the first time before you give a speech or demonstration. There are some serious side effects that are different for different people. The seriousness is directly proportionate to how fast you can make it to a restroom.

    Be aware it could have some, well, for lack of a better description, explosive consequences. This will depend on your body and health and how it reacts to you and you to it upon starting to use cayenne.

Be warned, what is hot going in is hot going out.

If you have internal hemorrhoids, it may cause bleeding. This will be noted as a bright red blood in your stool. It is something needed to be cared for by a doctor. Interesting side point, tincture of cayenne is also a natural treatment for hemorrhoids.

Please note: it is dark red or dark mahogany colored blood in your stool or a stool that looks like black tar that is a possible sign of a medical emergency needing immediate attention. Should this happen, you will usually have other signs and symptoms telling you of an internal bleed. Listen to your body.

Enjoy more energy and the many health benefits with a few painful side effects with your hot lemonade. Be judicious when starting to use it. And may it be one of those things that helps you progress to speech mastery.

There are numerous additional health benefits of The Cayenne Energy Drink Resource

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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