Clear Speech Exercises

To master speaking clearly requires practice. The clear speech exercises will help.

Clear Speech Exercises: How to Speak Clearly…

    First we need to understand words and their make up. English words are made up of letters that are sounded out together in syllables. Some syllables have greater or lesser emphasis than others. All syllables usually are pronounced.

    To practice if this is a challenge you face, read out loud. Practice enunciating every syllable as if you’re the king or queen (or from Minn-i-so-ta.)

    You will notice a few things happen when you start this exercise. Both are good things that will help you learn clear speech, distinctive speech. Additionally, if you visit Minnesota they will accept you as a native.

Clear Speech Exercise: Enunciation Benefit

    One benefit of enunciating each syllable is that you will feel your self slow down. This is one of the hardest things to master for beginning speakers. We speak faster because of nervousness and other reasons. The result can be slurring and dropping letters and syllables. This produces indistinct speech.

    When you feel you’re self slow down enunciation each syllable, remember that feeling. That feeling is one of control. This control will help you master clear speech. It will also aid you to gain speech mastery.

    The second benefit of enunciating is that you will feel your facial muscles tensing up as you enunciate every syllable. Why is this good? You can gain mastery of it because now you are acutely aware of it. You can only change those things in your self that you’re aware of. With this exercise you will be aware of it.

    This should be exciting to you. This is one of the first exercises you will actually feel your self gaining mastery over your body. The end result will be clear speech. Ultimately you will gain mastery of presentation being able to speak clearly.

    Once you get it, you need to be careful not to talk like the king and queen in your every day speech and especially in your public speech. It will make you sound aloof. However feel free to slightly increase your every day speech enunciation in Minnesota.

Clear Speech Exercises: Stretching

    It is good to stretch the facial muscles. When you move your face and jaw muscles in a stretching motion, you loosen them up. Additionally, you send the signal to the brain that they are going to be used.

    There have been numerous studies on muscle memory. The mind/muscle connection is a powerful tool to use. In this case, you are using it to gain mastery of your speech organ and mastery of vocalization.

    Also, stretch your vocal cords. Like a singer warming up, practice your voice range. Instead of singing, you will use words and letters. Start with the vowel sounds. Then progress to brief phrases or sayings. Do these as a warm up prior to your speaking. This will enhance your ability to speak clearly.

    Not to be underestimated is the value of taking deep breaths through the nose and exhale out the mouth. This floods your brain with fresh oxygen. Clear speech starts in the mind, which feeds on oxygen among other things.

    Don’t forget, in addition to the vocal cords and tongue, the face, jaw muscles and lips also play a part in speech. Stretch and relax these as well.

    Make use of tape recorders when self improving. Unless someone is dedicated to helping you grow in your abilities, do not expect a totally honest critique. Or even if it is honest, it may lack the critical examination required to help you move on. You may need to self critique. Then once you discover where you have flaws, gain mastery over them.

    We will update this with more clear speech exercises in the future.

    Do these things, you will not only help you keep speaking clearly, you will speak with distinction. May all of your speech be clear speech.

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