College Degree for Life Experience

Did you know you can get a college degree for life experience? I did. Here's how to do it yourself.

The Education Decision

If you making the decision to get a degree later in life and if have a family and have a limited budget, then this is for you. To work a full time job, take care of family and then add college classes on top is just too much.

You can get your college degree...

  • Based of experience in life
  • For a fraction of the price of traditional colleges
  • Less investment of time

First, decide on your career path. My original path was to become a Registered Nurse.

In my case, I got into a Licensed Practical Nursing program under one of the government programs of the time. So all the LPN cost was my gas to get back and forth to school each day.

Then, to turn the LPN into a college degree that would allow me to become a Professional Nurse, Registered in the State of New York, I followed a very simple process. Please note that the process was simple. Learning how to do it was a bit of work. Doing the work took time but was far less expensive and took less time than getting a traditional degree.

Getting A College Degree for Life Experience: The Process

The first step in getting a life experience degree is CLEP. You will need to CLEP out of everything you can.

Follow the process in order to challenge the classes where you have life experience.

Take an external degree challenge course for the credits you cannot match to life experience.

Transfer the credits (matriculate) to the college you want to graduate from.

I am currently working on a guide for how to get a college degree based on life experience. If you are interested, could you take a brief survey?

It is virtually impossible to obtain all 120 credits for life experience. It will be necessary to take some classes.

There are several important considerations regarding the classes you will need to take.

Accredited Schools

The most important is that you get the credits from an accredited school. The second is that the credits can be transferred to the school where you want to graduate from.

There are a number of schools that will help people get their diplomas. The only problem, these are not considered legitimate diplomas. They are from schools that serve no other purpose than to take peoples money and give out diplomas. They are called diploma mills.

It has been estimated that there are more than 400 diploma mills.

There are several other considerations of lesser importance.

For starters, please fill in the survey.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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