Color Meaning

Associations, Implications, Applications

What is your favorite color?

Do you know the color meaning, color feeling, and color psychology. Where possible, the physical implications and reactions to color will be included. While the primary use is for Power Point and Keynote presentation arrangement, there are numerous other applications for public speakers.


The human eye can distinguish over 1000 shades of white.

Positive meanings: cleanliness, goodness, innocence, light, purity, righteousness, snow, virginity, white matter, (the light colored tissue of our brain and spinal cord, made up of mostly nerve fibers with their myelin sheaths), and winter.

Negative implications: winter, plain, boring, unimaginative, funeral dress color for some cultures, will not hide soiled spots on projection screen, if it gets dirty, it looks bad.

Application: Traditional western wedding dress, Some hospitals still use for nursing and doctors lab coats. Angels are thought of as dressed in white, depicting righteousness. It is and can suggest simplicity. Some colors of blue on white are of the most visible color combinations with white becoming background and blue the object.

Dress and grooming: Care needs to be used in which white is used next to your skin. Some will enhance, others will detract from your looks. In white displays, dress needs to be coordinated to create balance or completeness. Even if wearing a white lab coat with a white display, a splash of color in the shirt, tie or a scarf can add drama.


Positive color meaning: authority, elegance, formality, mystery, strength, stealth, style.

Negative meanings: include black list, fear, unknown, black humor (also known as morbid humor), Black Death, and the unknown of Black Holes.

Application: Formal wear (Black tie), Color of mourning dress.

With the exception of using white, black becomes background with other colors viewed as object. Yellow on black is one of the most visually noticeable color combinations.

It denotes strength, implied and actual authority (Men in Black, Black Hand)

Dress and grooming: Black makes you look thinner. However, some people do not look good wearing or next to black.


Positive color meaning: baby boy, calmness, coolness, confidence, conservation, dependability, depth, faith, ice, intelligence, integrity, justice, knowledge, loyalty, peace, self moderation, serenity, sky, stability, seriousness, tranquility, trust, water.

Negative meanings: cold, can’t breathe, depressive states, obscene, passive, ice, water.

Applications: It’s positive use would be in advertising air conditioners, cleaning products, flying related industries, high tech instruments and products, water.

Visceral Affect: Blues can slow the heart rate, lower blood pressure and create a lowering of body temperature. They also suppress appetite.

It is one of the most chosen power point template colors.

Dress and grooming: dark blue is the safest color to wear. It is one of the most common in corporate America. It is a common color of the police.

Light Blue

Used by some hospitals as required dress color, especially for pediatrics and ob-gyn because of association with healing, health, and tranquility.

Associated with softness and tranquility, in the pastels is along with turquoise one of the most popular South East US and island colors by it’s self and in combination.


Positive color meaning: ambition, creativity, dignity, independence, luxury, magic, mystery, nobility, power, royalty.

Negative meanings: Royalty, independence. Visceral Affect: Can evoke gloom, sadness, and frustration. Applications: Favorite color of children, excellent for children product promotions.


Positive color meaning: desire energy, fire, heart, heat, love, passion, rage, strength.

Negative meanings: aggression, anger, blood, danger, fire, revolution, stop, war.

Visceral Affect: its high visibility and association increase the impact on mental process. It stimulates confidence, strength, and accelerates the pulse.

Applications: Used to warn of danger, associated with energy making it a good tie in for energy foods. Used in restaurants and casinos to increase sales and keep people stimulated. It also is used to promote.


Positive color meaning: air, brightness, cheerfulness, comfort, hope, idealism, joy, lively, wealth.

Negative meanings: caution, cowardice, dishonest, hazard, illness, weakness. Visceral Affect: Applications:


Positive color meaning: calm, earth, environment, fertility, generosity, go grass, growth, hope, money, nature, spring, vigor, wealth, youth.

Negative meanings: aggression, envy, greed, illness, inexperience, jealousy, money.

Visceral Affect:

Applications: Use with safety, and positive environmental applications. One of the most chosen decorative colors of executives. The Public Speaking Color Meaning Website

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