Controversial Speech Topic

Do you Know What Topics to Avoid or Use?

Nothing will arouse the interest like a controversial speech topic. However it is necessary to use care in the selection of the topic you use in
your public speaking.

  • What's an acceptable controversial speech topic?
  • What topics would be inappropriate?
  • How can a speech be developed on a controversial topic?

What Not to Make a Speech On

    Never make a speech on something that will hurt, demonstrate hatred toward or belittle any individual, group, race or nationality.

    Never make a speech that attacks individuals who have suffered loss.

    Never make a speech that demeans the victims of loss.

    Never make a speech that attacks the perpetrators of violence or hatred.

    Avoid what the religious right would consider Blasphemy.


    There are enough hurtful words in the world, why should we add to it. Some times those involved have strong feelings. Respect of them as our neighbors would mean not doing anything that would hurt them.

    Also look at the result of some authors writings. They have resulted in Death threats.

    Controversial speech topics needs to have limits. Free speech doesn't mean we have the right to yell fire in a theater when there is no fire. Freedom of speech has a responsibility attached to it.

Appropriate Controversial Speech Topics

    Any subject that will cause the audience to stop, think of what their belief is and challenge their belief.

    Attack Actions, not the individual.

    For instance consider the 911 incident and the innocents affected by what happened.

    How many Arabic and or Muslem people in the world have suffered for the actions of a few? Did you know that there are several types of Arabic religious beliefs? Did you know a population of Arabic Nationals believe in Christianity and have no relationship with the beliefs of the 911 attackers?

Near Death Experiences are Confabulation or Paramnesia

    There is no Biblical basis for near death experiences. that people claim. Ecclesiastes 9:5 says the living know they will die but the dead know nothing. 2 Timothy 2:18 indicates that the resurrection has not happened as of that writing. So, if the Bible says when you die your dead, why would people think that they are going to some other place of consciousness? Is there a scientific explanation? Yes, paramnesia or confabluation.

GMO's and Round Up Ready Crops

    Genetically modified foods may kill us, in one way or another.

    The GMO's put all crops at risk. They prevent the need for tilling the weeds which produce nutrients for the crops and prevent the uptake of many macronutrients essential to human health.

Christmas Controversy

    An excellent example of a controversial speech topic is Christmas. Looking at the historical background of the celebration, it really has less to do with Christ than it does with commercialism.

    With a background in Pagan Holidays, not being celebrated by early Christians and even outlawed in the early years of the US, it is a ripe controversy to speak about.

    Never attack the people who celebrate it. Remember they have the right to their closely held beliefs. However challenging that belief based on historical fact, cultural practice and the intended purpose of the belief can get your audience to think.

    Don’t stop there. Give an alternative or solution to the challenge.

    In the case of Christmas, if people were to stop celebrating it, could they now instead give gifts all year long and when they could be afforded?

    Also answer the arguments that will come as a result of the speech. This is one of many reasons to interview the audience prior to speaking.

    One question I was faced with asked about how the children were missing out on the festivities. My answer was twofold.

    First, how many children in the world do not celebrate Christmas? Are they missing out too? Do they know they are missing out? Do your children miss out on celebrating Ramadan?

    The second is an illustration. What is its source? Imagine you were drinking bottled water and you absolutely love it, recommended it and even gave it as a gift to your dear friends. How would you feel on finding out that the bottled water came from the sewage treatment plant?

    They filtered the water to the point it was pure. Of course it not only had sewage but several types of industrial waste including radioactive waste filtered out. Would your view change? How would you feel if you were told it was spring water to find out you were lied to about its original source?

Evolution vs Creationist

    Another controversial speech topic worthy of challenging in a speech is the evolution theory. If you go here, it also makes for good debate to challenge the creationist view point too.

    As a scientist I must say, neither gives a satisfying answer.


    There is a third premise to speak on. The Creationist view depends on blind faith. Evolution lacks scientific method. Where do you go from here?

    There is a third viewpoint, strictly using the Bible and Science.

    For instance, nowhere does it say the Creative days were 24 hours. This allows for a period of thousands if not millions of years.

    Please contact me through any of the contact pages and I would be glad to share a scientific view, research and references of how man could have been created by an almighty God rather than having evolved. I can provide a number of scientists who also hold this belief.


    The difference between doing what is right and doing so as not to get caught.

    Why you should wait till you married to have sex. Consider the fatherless and unwanted children and venereal disease to name a few reasons.

    Is it right or wrong that a Chinese milk producer tainted milk to make more profits and five children died and was put to death? Should corporate greed resulting in loss of life be punishable by death?

Green Cars: They Are Not Really Green

    The green 200 MPG cars are trading one form of pollution (car exhaust) for another, the pollution coming from coal fired electric generators. So, are they really green?

The Great Salt Shake Up

    There is an entire treatment modality using unprocessed sea salt to treat cancer and, yes, to lower high blood pressure and help with such diverse things as dog asthma. The topic tends to be quite controversial because of the lack of science for the water cures protocol and the bad science against salt.

    Two interesting points of view...the CDC in August 2013 said we need more salt in our diet. A second do you create a double blind placebo test for the water cures. You cannot create a placebo of salt or water that the test subject will not know that it is not salt or water.

    Don't forget to use testimonials from people who have used the water cures protocols.

The Bail Out

    Why did the Government bail out various businesses and industries or why they should not have.

Buy American is Bad For the Economy

    The Smoot-Hawley Tariff in the 1930's, which lead to other countries doing the same, was one of five contributing factors that started the Great Depression, more importantly, it fueled Nazi Extremism.

These are just a few of many controversies. What ever controversial speech topic you choose, make it a good one.

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