Cultural Diversity in Nursing

Commonalities and Differences to Public Speaking

The cultural diversity in nursing can be mastered by learning the model of thinking that successful public speakers use to communicate to audiences. Likewise public speakers can improve their public speaking by looking at the challenge presented in the cultural diversity in health care and specifically, nursing.

The core commonalities of nursing and public speaking involve education, motivation and implementation of the teaching. The diversity spoken of here includes ethnic groups, people of color, marginal and or vulnerable people in society.

To manage the challenges cultural diversity presents, nurses have been referred to as cultural brokers. Cultural differences may result in the expression and description of their symptoms in ways that are less familiar to the listener.

Simple Cultural Diversity Solution

Diversity is so varied and is constantly changing how can one keep up with all the changes?

An example of constant change is the knuckle bump also called the fist bump. A 2010 study found that the about 50% of North Americans prefer the knuckle bump vs the hand shake. The reason for the change was to prevent the spread of germs. Yet immigrants from other countries still offer a hand shake and may not be familiar with the knuckle bump.

A simple way to learn is adopting a simple process to understand and learn the cultural diversity of those being provided care and or the cultural diversity in healthcare. Here are some of the skills public speakers do to become masters of cultural diversity. Nurses could do the same.

Learn to Listen

Learn Curiosity

Build Rapport

These are the core of learning to master cultural differences. Next take a look at each of the aspects of learning.

Learning Cultural Diversity in Nursing or multiculturalism.

Your Audience and beyond the cultural differences.

The Public Speaking Audience Resource

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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