Cultural Diversity in the Classroom

Cultural diversity in the classroom is different from the cultural diversity that the world outside of elementary to high schools and higher academia.

Key to Successful Culturally Diverse Presentations

    Public speakers may have occasions to make presentations to those in the classroom. Key to successful teaching and speaking is knowing the audience, especially if they are considerably younger than the presenter.

    Building rapport is equally important. Recognizing the cultural diversity in schools will enable the speaker to better reach the minds of the younger audience.

    Cultural diversity usually refers to the variety of the makeup of a group or organization or region. It includes he different belief systems, social structures and strategies the cultures use to adapt to life in various parts of the world.

    With school age audiences, the differences in race, language, ethnicity, values systems, religion, and local cultures have an additional cultural difference. The culture of the young and the culture of the particular school or educational organization.

Understanding Cultural Diversity in the Classroom

    Understanding cultural diversity does not mean embracing it or practicing it. Few teachers can masterfully cross the gap. Recognizing and appreciating the differences however can make it possible to build rapport with the students.

The Cultural Diversity 2 Way Street

    Cultural diversity is a two way street. One way to recognize cultural diversity is speaking in recognition of the diversity. The other way is encouraging the students to open their minds to accept cultural diversity. It is not encouraging them to accept the diversity, just to recognize it.

    It makes possible numerous different experiences. Rather than just learning about the various cultures from text books, students can learn from those who experienced it first hand. The learning experience prepares the children to live in a real world full of cultural diversity.

Include Culture Related Education

    Promotion of cultural diversity in the classroom is not promoting the culture. Rather, it is promoting the acceptance and understanding of the differences.

    Activities can include field trips to museums that have culture related collection, organization of cultural fairs or cultural related activities. Included could be music, films and books of various cultures.

Cultural Diversity in Nursing

Learning Cultural Diversity in Nursing

The Public Speaking Audience The Cultural Diversity in the Classroom Resource

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