Dancers Cruise Free

5. Dance and Cruise Free

    Yes, if you dance, you can cruise free. Both dancers and dance instructors cruise free.

    If you have ever seen the original or remake of Dance With Me, you are probably aware of the secret passion people to some day learn to dance.

    As an on board dance instructor, your not only providing lessons, your fulfilling a dream for some of the guests.

    Can you teach the guests how to Rumba on way to Rio, The Salsa on the way to San Lucas and more.

    I have to admit, this has always been a great temptation for me. Maybe some day you will be my instructor. Like Dance With Me, I would want to surprise my wife who only too well knows I have two left thumbs for feet.

    Some of the more popular types of dancing include...

Ballroom Dance

    International Standard
    International Latin
    American Smooth
    American Rhythm

Latin Dance

    Argentine Tango


Fusion Dance



Belly Dancing

6. Dance Partners

    If you love to dance and you know how to dance, there are some unique opportunities for you here. Cruise ships use both dancers to dance with passengers and as dancers to create a mood.

    It can be uncomfortable for some to start dancing by them selves on a floor. Your love of dance can make it easier for the more timid guests to join you on the floor and get you booked on a cruise line for free.

    No speaking involved. These are some ways to dance and cruise free. Is there a spin on this you can think of? You might just come up with another way to cruise free.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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