Definition of Communication

The definition of communication typically includes making information known or the exchanging of information or news. Communication typically involves two or more people with a sender, receiver and a message. These are the elements of the basic communication theory.

This theory is incomplete. This definition is inadequate?

The Definition of Communication

    This because of the definition of the word know. You can know something in the sense of knowing about it. You can also know something in the sense of knowing of the something. In the fullest sense, knowing by having experienced, having understanding or having feeling.

    What is involved in knowing something that is communicated? It requires the receiver to hear, accept, and process the communicated information. Usually it requires some form of response or feedback so that the communicator knows the communication took place.

Communication Definition Theory

    Perhaps the question should be what would be the definition of effective communication rather than just the communication definition.

    Effective communication would be defined as imparting or exchanging information in such a way that the receiver can comprehend or grasp mentally to be able to act on that information and provide feed back that the message received is the message intended.

What Do You Mean?

How often has what you said been misunderstood? Miscommunication can happen within any of the following scenarios.

  • What we say is not what they heard
  • What we think we say is not what we said
  • What we really said is not what was heard
  • What we meant was not understood
  • What the receiver heard was not what we meant
  • What the receiver thought we said is not what we said
  • What the receiver thought we meant is not what we intended

Communicating to a Patient in a Coma: A True Story

Can you communicate to a patient in a coma? The traditional definition of communication is making information known or the exchanging of information or news.

So when a wife and family were with the family patriarch as he lay on his death bed, could there truly be verbal communication if there was no way to get feedback.

The patients chart indicated he was extremely hard of hearing. The wife was soft spoken. The chance of any verbal communication getting to his brain was slim.

Placing the ear pieces of my stethoscope in his ears and holding the bell or the listening part up to the wife and mom, she was instructed to speak to him.

On telling him she loved him, the family would be fine and it was OK to go (as in it was ok to die) he squeezed his already closed eyes even tighter.

The wife saw it as did the family. Did communication take place? You will have a hard time convincing the family otherwise.

Incidentally, communicating with him one more time he acknowledged what was said. He peacefully passed away once the family left the room as he was being cared for.

Communication Involves Timing

    If I want to talk to you about the indochronic properties of re-sublimated thitimoline as you are running for your life because the building your in is burning, there will not be effective communication.

    Timing is an essential part of the definition of effective communication.

    By following the elements of this theory and the definition of communication, you will improve your ability to connect to others.

    More importantly, you will avoid a failure to communicate.

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