The Definition of Motivation

How Do You Define Motivation?

Do you know the definition of motivation? More importantly, do you know why you need to know.

Have you ever found it hard to do something that needed to be done? Have you ever had a hard time getting others to do or accomplish necessary tasks? Would you like to take charge of your own life or help others take charge of theirs?


    The difference or gap between what needs to be done and what is not being done can be closed using motivation.

    In public speaking, motivation is defined as communicating to an internal force that actuates a behavioral pattern, thought process, action or reaction. It should be noted, negative forces or positive forces can act as actuators but they are not the most effective way to accomplish your goal.

    In general it could include but is not limited to the use of words, circumstances, situations, and external and internal forces.

    When used effectively by a speaker, this force can help individuals or groups work toward common goals and reach them. This means you can help individuals work toward a goal.

    Application of the definition of motivation is varied by socio-economic groups, culture, background, and the neural programming of our brains.

    Negative and positive motivational forces could include coercion, desire, fear, influence and need. Depending on how coercion, fear and influence are framed, they could be either negative or positive forces that act as actuators. For instance a fear (negative force) of bodily injury could be a motivation to implement the use of safety equipment (positive force).

Intrinsic or Extrinsic

    These forces can be either intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic is when the force comes from within oneself. Extrinsic is when the external forces, positive or negative, produce a behavioral change.

Definition of Motivation of the Extrinsic Kind

    Extrinsic motivation would include circumstances, situations, rewards or punishment, both tangible and intangible that participation in results in an external benefit.

    Tangible benefits could include monetary reward or a prize. Intangible could include things like adoration, recognition, and praise.

Definition of Motivation of the Intrinsic Kind

    Intrinsic motivation would include involvement in behavioral pattern, thought process, action, activity or reaction for its own sake and without an obvious external incentive for doing so. A hobby is an example.

    If you are desirous of mastering public speaking for the sake of mastery and not any reward, you have experienced intrinsic motivation.

    In addition to forces that produce an actuation, there is a need to have the ability to fulfill the motivation.

    For example, a paraplegic may have the desire to get out of a wheelchair and walk, but lacks the ability.

Definition of Motivation of the Neural Kind

    Neuro-linguistic Programming is another way of accessing the mental actuator which helps the person change the way they think resulting in changed behavior.

    Essentially, Neuro-linguistic Programming actuates a behavior through a change in the mental process. It could be considered a biological change as it involves creating a new thought process complete with new neural synaptic connections. It yields the same result as other motivations only by a different means.

    It is an intrinsic form of change. Unlike other motivations, it could be likened to running a new program rather than putting a patch or removing a virus on an existing mental program our brains run on.

But it doesn't work...

    You will see numerous postings in blogs and forums complaining that motivation doesn't work and as a 'because' they will offer that it doesn't work beyond the initial speech or presentation.

    That is not a real reason. It is like saying it doesn't work because it doesn't work.

    What is wrong with the 'it doesn't work' complaint? What is needed for motivation work and why would it not work?

    This will be covered in the next section, Public Speaking Motivation.

The Definition of Motivation Illustrated by an automobile engine.

More Public Speaking Motivation and more on how to motivate. What is the Definition of Motivation? Website

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