Definition of Persuasive

The American Heritage Dictionary provides the definition of persuasive as having the ability to persuade someone to do something or believe something using reasoning or temptation.

Definition of Persuasive

Persuasive is defined as an ability. It can be developed as a skill. For a pubic speaker to be persuasive involves more than just using basic persuasion.

Imagine having the power to change the way just one person in your audience thinks.

Imagine helping a person to be able to overcome a bad habit.

Being persuasive can help you do even more than this. It is an art that can be developed.

Using the three persuasive appeals, logos, pathos and ethos, it is possible to be persuasive in numerous ways.

The Meaning of Persuasive for Public Speaking

How can the act of being persuasive for public speakers be defined?

Being skilled with the use of emotional and logical reasoning that appeal to the emotional intelligence and or actions of an audience. Or being adept at helping an audience to accept truths, change the way they think and take action to implement and benefit from the accepted truth.

It involves the words you will use and how you use them.

Learn more about being persuasive Here You started to learn the art when you were a baby. The meanings and implications of Ethos, Pathos and Logos are discussed.

Main Persuasion Section

Persuasion vs Manipulation

Three Tools of Persuasion

Everyone can benefit from learning the art of being persuasive. Especially public speakers need to learn this art to advance their public speaking skills.

Even with one on one communication there is a need to learn how to be persuasive. More about this can be found in the communication section of where you can learn how to persuade one on one or one to one thousand. The Definition of Persuasive Resource

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