The Definition of Public Speaking

This is the definition of speak, speaking and the definition of public speaking.

Definition of Speak:

The act of using the mouth to verbalize expressions in order to convey information, an opinion, a feeling, directions or a thought. It is part of the act of communication.

Definition of speaking:

The act of using speech to in the conveyance of information, expression, giving directions, or sharing thoughts and feelings.

Definition of public speaking:

The process of speaking to a few or many people with the purpose of informing, motivating, persuading, educating or entertaining the listeners.

The five elements of public speaking are


is saying what

to whom

using what medium

with what effects?

Definition Public Speaking: Effective Public Speaking

Effective public speaking involves three pillars or the three V's.

Verbalization, Vocalization, Visualization

Verbalization is the choice of words you use to speak to the audience.It is what you say.

Vocalization is how you deliver the words using various pace, pitch, power, pausing, modulations, and other vocal speaker skills.

Visualization is how the audience sees you. This involves how you dress, grooming and carry yourself in front of the audience.

Your posture, stance and movement in front of the audience are all part of how the audience visualizes you. The nonverbal communication they convey are an important part of a public speakers fulfilling their purpose.

Implications for Public Speakers

    Although a basic concept, understanding what it is and having purpose is one of the essentials to be able to master public speaking.

    Anyone who has gone to college has sat through boring lectures where it would have been less mentally painful to just sit and read the text books. Conversely, we have sat through great speakers as well.

    Understanding this means taking the theory of public speaking and putting it into practice.

    Speak well and prosper.

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