Demonstrative Speech Topics

Here is a list of demonstrative speech topics.

Demonstrative is defined as involving a demonstration and also includes the use of scientific means to provide that proof. Here you will find a list of topics that you can be demonstrative about. Selected topics have some links where you can find additional information. This information will help you put on your demonstration speech.

Start any of the topics with the words....

How to....

Demonstrative Speech Topics



    Change a tire

    Fix a flat tire

    Clean your car

    Detail your car

    Save gas

    Use the cruise control

    Buy a used car

    Improve gas mileage

    Drive defensively

    Negotiate the sale of your car

    Negotiate the purchase price of your car

    Maintaining a Hybrid Car Battery System


    Choose the best pet for your family

    Train a puppy dog

    Bathe a dog

    Feed a dog

    Give medicine to a dog

    Care for a kitten

    House a pet dog or cat in an apartment

    Feed a cat

    Give medicine to a cat

    Care for an injured or sick pet

    Teach a parakeet to talk

    Teach a parrot to talk

    Saddle a horse

    Feed a horse

    Set up a fish bowl

    Keep fish

    Find a unique pet

Crafts and Hobbies

    Design & create a greeting card

    How to draw

    How to sketch

    How to paint with water colors


    Work with paper-mache

    Be a puppeteer

    Use stencils

    Make natural dyes


    Tie-dye a garment


    Make your own jewelry using antique buttons
    Press flowers


    Arrange flowers

    Make your own soft furnishings

    Carve or whittle wood

    Spin yarn



    TyeDie a T-Shirt

    Transfer Computer Art to a T-Shirt

    Transfer Photograph to a T-Shirt



    Sew your own clothes

    Make a new candle of old ones

    Design your own clothes


    Decorate a living room

    Decorate a bedroom

    Decorate a bathroom

    Decorate a kitchen

    Decorate a sports room

Diet and Eating

    to be a vegetarian

    Create a menu

    Count calories

    Create a diabetic menu

    Create an immune boosting diet

Dress and Grooming

Education Demonstrative Speech Topics

    Choose a college

    Learn to speak French

    Learn to speak German

    Learn to speak Italian

    Learn to speak Spanish

    Learn to speak Greek

    Learn to speak Polish

    Learn to speak _____________

    Teach a child to read the time

    Teach a child to tie a shoe

    Teach a child to read

    Read body language

    Understand body language


    How to pack a Go pack

    How to prepare for an emergency

    Be prepared for a home fire

    Prepare for an earthquake


    Get a job

    Get the job you want

    Create a resume

    Ace a job interview

    Write a business letter

    Choose the best career for you

    Sound better on the phone

    Write a thank-you letter

    Take a telephone message

    Write a Testimonial

    Negotiate a raise


    Do isometric exercises

    Flat abdomen exercises

    Keep fit

    Cardio exercises

    Safe exercises

Food and Drink

    Make chocolate

    Set a dinner table

    Fold table napkins

    Sharpen a knife

    Prepare chicken safely

    Bake bread

    Make Bagels

    Bake a cake

    Bake a pie

    Bake Cookies

    Bake your own wedding cake

    Ice a cake

    Store frozen food

    Make a cocktail

    Taste wine

    Make Irish coffee

    Brew your own beer

    Bottle your own wine

    Make a fast summer salad

    Taste Wine Vintages

    Brew a cup of tea

    Eat politely

    Brew a perfect cup of coffee

    Brew a perfect cup of tea

    Serve Tea in a Brown Betty

    Prepare and serve tea to an English or Canadian guest

    Prepare green tea and serve it correctly

    Use chop sticks

    Make honey from honeycomb

    Make relish

    Make jam

    Make jelly

    Make preserves

    Write a shopping list

    Plan a menu

    Organize your pantry

    Use seasonal vegetables

    Dry fruits and vegetables

    Make desserts

    Cook economically

    Make healthy meals

    Carve vegetables

Government, Law and Order

    Solve a problem using the office of your Senator

    Solve a problem using the office of your Representative

    File in a small claims court

Green Living

    Create economical and green fertilizers

    Save electricity

    Save gasoline

    Reduce waste

    Reuse items otherwise wasted

    Make a hydrogen supplemental fuel cell

    Buying a fuel-efficient car

    Build green

    Save energy at home

    Save electricity and save money

    Save Money

    Save auto fuel and money

    Save water at home


    Recycle at home

    Grow your own garden

Health Care

    Provide basic first aid

    Take a pulse

    Give CPR

    Become a CPR Instructor

    Become a CPR Instructor Trainer

    Administer the Heimlich Maneuver

    Boost your glutathione

    Apply, care for and remove contact lenses

Handy Man around the House

    Unclog a sink drain

    Repair a leaking faucet

    Replace a cracked ceramic floor tile

    Replace a cracked ceramic wall tile

    Polish wooden furniture

    Restore a piece of furniture

    Install plastic film on windows to reduce heat loss

    Replace a faucet

Home and Garden

    Have garden flowers year around

    Lay bricks or paving stones

    Create a windbreak

    Plant a tree

    Grow a plant or tree from seed

    Graft a pear into an apple tree

    Prepare and plant flowers or vegetables

    Plant a herb box

    Prune a rose bush

    Care for garden tools

    Make a no-dig garden

    Properly plant bulbs

    Make a compost bin

    Encourage birds and bees to your garden

    Build a greenhouse

    Build a bird house

    Build a bird feeder

    Make a patio or deck garden

    Build a fence

    Make a swing

    Make a play area for children

    Clean your swimming pool

    Build a utility shed

    Buy a house

    Sell your house with out a Realtor

    Burglar proof your home

    Create basic landscaping plans

    Recognize poisonous plants or insects

Looks, Hair and Make Up

    Walk in high heels

    Make your own cosmetics

    Make your own face cream

    Have your husbands color your hair

    Have your wife cut your hair

    Choose the right color clothes for your complexion

    Choose the right kind of clothes for your body

    Apply make-up correctly

    Select the right make-up for you

    Braid hair

    Create an inexpensive make-over

    Shop and save at thrift stores

    Properly iron a shirt

Money Matters

    Buy online

    Write a check (to avoid being scammed)

    Balance a check book

    Identify a bad check

    Save money

    Take control of your personal finances

    Start your own business

    Hide assets from the IRS-Legally (ask your lawyer to set up a nominee a safety deposit box in the name of the corporation and pay cash.


    Read sheet music notes

    Play piano

    Learn to play the guitar

    Breath from the diaphragm when you sing

    Play the harmonica


    Plan a going away party

    Plan and organize a surprise party

    Plan a party

    Plan a dinner party


    Break old habits

    Train your brains

    Provide emotional support

    Cope with Stress

Public Speaking and Presenting

    Find a list of demonstrative speech topics (you are in the right place)

    Develop skills of a professional public speaker

    Make a presentation

    Find demonstration speech topic

    Run a meeting

Sporting Good

    Warm up and stretch

    Play volleyball

    Clean your golf clubs

    Calculate a golf handicap

    Care for a set of golf clubs

    Wax a surfboard


    Use a snorkel correctly

    Play water polo

    Develop your best tennis game

    Ride a skate board

    Keep score in a game of tennis

    Catch a fish

    Fish in the surf

    Prepare and set a fishing net

    Prepare a shrimping net

    Smoke a fish (for eating)

    Play chess

    Play checkers

    Play dominoes

    Play tiddlywinks

    Play cards

    Train for a marathon

    Properly hold a softball bat

    Ride a bicycle

    Oil a bicycle

    Fix a bicycle flat tire

    Prevent sports injuries

    Fly a kite


    Make Home Videos

    Make a You-Tube video

    Upload a video to You-tube

    Build a web site to get traffic naturally

    Build an internet based business

    Manipulate a photo in Picassa

    Manipulate a photo in Photoshop

    Enhance a digital photo

    Create a digital slide show on the computer

    Print a digital photo

    Take a good photograph


    Travel on a budget

    Travel internationally on a budget

    Travel safely in a foreign company

Wedding Day

    Make your own wedding dress

    Organize your wedding

    Plan your wedding

    Buy inexpensive flowers for your wedding

Although this list of demonstrative speech topics is long, it is not comprehensive. If you think of a great demonstrative speech topic we should include, drop us a line.

Also, if you have a great experience with your demonstrative speech topic, let us know if you would not mind sharing it.

Thanks for visiting our demonstrative speech topics and please come again.

Oh yes,

Speak well and prosper.

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