Dream Recall

How to Hack Your Dreams

Would you like to have total dream recall of what went on while you slept.

This can help you on numerous levels as a public speaker or performer.

Almost anyone can learn how to hack their dreams or put another way, have total recall of the thoughts in their sleep by doing just one thing.

If you want to use your sleeping brain to problem solve, there are six additional steps you will need to take.

The additional steps allow the brain to create neural pathways that will be required to learn and maintain the ability.

Seven Steps to Hack into Tonight's Dreams

1) Get a thermal insulated mug and fill with ice and enough water for one drink. Unless you have a medical reason for not doing so, as soon as you are ready for sleep, take a drink. Drink the the water so you only have ice left. Don't put too much water in the cup of ice. Just enough for one gulp.

Place a lid over the remaining ice to preserve it and slow down the melting.

In the morning, as soon as you wake up, take a drink of the ice cold water. The ice will have melted and you should have ice cold water to drink. You will have an instant and total recall of the thoughts in your sleep from the night before.

Two things will happen. One, it will blow your mind. Two, you will soon forget everything you remembered unless you do step number 2.

It will flood your mind in crystal clarity. For many the memory will start to fade within 20 seconds of completion of the recall. This is the working length of time of our short term memory.

You will need to wake naturally. It works best if you gently get up to drink the water. No sudden movements.

2) Keep a journal or diary and write down what your recalled memories. For some, they may fade away as fast as they come back. Make this a routine. Keep a pencil and paper at the bedside. Better yet, keep a tape recorder. Record them as soon as remembered.

3) Discuss them with others. This reinforces the consciousness or awareness of these thoughts. It also creates a neural pathway to reinforce future recall.

4) Talk to yourself. Before going to sleep, have an internal conversation about your desire for total recall. Talk about your desire to pay careful attention and that you want to recall from your sleeping brain in the morning. Do this just before dozing off.

5) When you awake naturally, don’t get up or sit up. Review those thoughts with your eyes still closed. Then slowly reach for your pen and paper and record your memories.

6) Validate the value of having the right brain deliver up the memory. Give an acknowledgment for getting them in vivid color, full recall of the action, and details.

7) Find a partner to discuss these pillow thoughts with. The goal is to have two different people to discuss your thoughts with during the day.

These newly created neural pathways need to be used a few times to improve the chance of future recall. There are numerous books on the subject if you would like to read further.

Sweet dreams recall.

Just a Thought on Using the Mind

One mans inspiration is another mans little gray box preforming problem solving algorithms until a subconscious solution is found and then downloading it to their conscious mind.

Well, at least that is how I like to think some of my artwork creations have come to be.

What if you could solve problem while your asleep. What if you could control the disquieting thoughts. It is possible by learning how to manage our mind.

The trick is to reset the default settings. You can learn more in...

Dream Management Taking your dreams to new places.

Speechmastery.com: The Dream Recall Public Speaking Resource

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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