Employee Motivation

How Can Employee Motivation Be More Effective?

Employee motivation needs to be ongoing and progressive. A third factor that the first two address also explains why it doesn’t work all the time for everyone.

Like Brain Food

Like food, our minds need to be continuously fed motivational brain food just like our bodies need food for energy. Once the thinking becomes part of our life pattern, it will not need as much or as often as when first starting to make the change.

Employee motivation especially needs to be continuous because of the negative emotions and environment that sometimes exists in the work place. If it is not continuous it may fail to motivate.

How many times in your life have you ate the same food for breakfast. Do people stop eating because they have ate the food before? No, it is nourishment for their physical body.

Motivation is food for our spirit.

The BMW Club

There is a second aspect to why motivational speaking will never work for some. It includes those who belong to the BMW club. You know, the Blame, Moan, and Whine Club.

What is the BMW Club? This is a rather long series of stories and experiences. It will help you to understand the challenges faced in motivating some. The benefits of trying for others.

Some people enjoy complaining. It is not that they get any evil joy in making others miserable. They are miserable and have a hard time being around others who are not feeling their pain. They have no motivation to change who they are.

They possibly have fallen into the psychological trap of "Learned Helplessness."

A True Story

Consider this true story of workplace motivation from my wife.

My wife attended a Realtor educational seminar on how to increase sales. She was delighted at what she had learned. However, she was curious about the presentation and inquired what would happen if everyone followed the suggestions. The presenter cheerfully smiled because she was talking to a real estate agent who was moved by the lessons taught. She said, "Don't worry, studies show only about 15% or less will actually implement the suggestions we talked about here."

Only 15% will be motivated

She continued, "Look at the audience. The next seminar you go to check it out again. You will find the same people sitting in the same places. Those who want to learn and grow will be up front so they will not miss a word."

"Those who just want to get through it will be in the back. They are here to just get their credit and move on. What they get from the program will be what they will get from their business. They will get what they have always gotten."

Rather than looking at the 85% who failed to be motivated, consider the 15% who were. My wife, new to the Real-estate Sales industry went on to become one of the top 150 in Sales and the top 150 Listing agents for the entire region. This is out of over 3000 active Realtor.

Does employee motivation work? Well it did for my wife.

In addition to knowing the types of motivation, you need to understand the mechanism that makes them work.

So what can you do to perpetuate employee motivation? In addition to keeping it progressive and continuous, there is another factor. It relates to competence.

Unconscious Competence

As a nurse, I had effectively found a way to improve outcomes in my patient teaching in two diverse patient groups. The only problem was I didn't know how it was being accomplished. Without that knowledge, it was impossible to branch out into other areas. This knowledge was an unconscious competence.

On growing to a conscious competence of why I was having success, I became empowered to not only help my patients but also my fellow nurses.

To help you gain conscious competence, you need to understand the motivational types, the drives, the listening mind, and the theories of motivation.

Once you start to put all these together, your ability to motivate will be enhanced. You will grow. You will have conscious competence with your employee motivation abilities.

Employee Motivation abilities will translate into public speaking abilities. So continue to work on and improve the ability.

Can You Motivate Individuals? Consider this real life example. You can also see a picture of the results.

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Enthusiasm, How can you improve yours?

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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