Enrichment Speakers Cruise Free

1. Enhancement or Enrichment Speakers

Enrichment speakers cruise free because of how they improve or enhance the quality or value of a cruise ship experience.

Note: This section has extra information on how enrichment speakers cruise free finding timely topics. This info will apply to all the other ways you can cruise for free.

Like adding to the nutritive value of food by adding vitamins to the food you eat, cruise ships add value to the experience of the passengers by offering numerous different topics.

The vitamins your adding to the experience are cultural, intellectual, or spiritual in nature.

Enrichment There is a double-entendre in the enrichment. If you work it right, you can create a second meaning within the scope of enriching the cruise experience. You will enrich yourself. If you perform well, you will be able to network into on shore speaking engagements.

Two Types of Lectures

  • General Interest Lectures
  • Destination Focused Lectures

General Interest Topics

How can you know which topics are best. It will take research.

There are two ways to research general interest topics to prepare for your offering.

One is the top ten list of any non-fiction best selling book list. Don’t stop there. To ensure your really on the money, narrow it down to a niche.

A good tool can be found at https://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/suggestion/

Just type in the root word of any topic you would love to speak on and you think would be a great topic.

As an example, type in diet. When doing so, the following results came up.

diets 2,806.0 /day
south beach diet 2,580.0 /day
atkins diet 1,892.0 /day
fat smash diet 1,803.0 /day
diet coke mentos 1,666.0 /day
free diet plans 1,417.0 /day
diet pills 1,369.0 /day
cabbage soup diet recipe 1,018.0 /day
top 10 diets 987.0 /day
diet 940.0 /day
south beach diet recipes 838.0 /day
fad diets 836.0 /day
diet plans 804.0 /day
cabbage soup diet 793.0 /day
dash diet 793.0 /day

Note that some are irrelevant as speech topics on dieting. Also some would not be appropriate for the cruise ship. Overall this gives a view of what the web searchers of the world are interested in on a daily basis. It also gives you the niche.

Read Between the Lines

Atkins and South Beech are both hot topics. Between the lines this is telling you alternative diets are hot topics.

Cabbage soup hit the chart twice. This is saying that the actual diet (which is quite simple) is a hot topic. This is something you could print out and offer as a hand out to the guests.

Look at any of the current topics and find a niche within them to focus on.

One more example.

Finance and investing is always on the top 20. Rather than going for the most popular philosophies on finance, take a contrarian niche. Go to the Eliot Wave...and become an expert on the topic.

This could be a triple play for you. Enrich the audience, enrich your self both from the presentation and use the knowledge to enhance your own investing.

What is so great about this is intrigue. I have been following the Theorist for some time now. They have successfully predicted elections, the housing down turn and other major financial event.

I even successfully mapped my career as an artist and webmaster based on the remarkable predictions of this theory.

What is the theory. You can check it out at.........

Enrichment Speakers Cruise Free Using Varied Topics

  • Current Events Business
  • Debt Management
  • Exercise
  • Frugality
  • How Millionaires Think
  • How the Mind Works
  • How To...
  • Love and Respect
  • Money Making
  • Recipes and especially those that relate to the above topics
  • And More...

Destination Focused Topics

If you can speak on any topics relating to the various destination ports of call you could be a big hit.

Research what would be of most interest.

  • Folk Lore
  • Language
  • Geography
  • History
  • The Tourist Languages of the Port of Call
  • Must See, Must Do Places
  • Shopping Secrets
  • Wild Life
  • This list can go on.

    Not just enrichment speakers cruise free. Others do too.

    2. Learn how arts and crafters cruise free

    Speechmastery.com: The Enrichment Speakers Cruise Free Resource

    Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
    Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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