Evolution Theory Problems

Theoretically a Great Speech Topic

Would you like a public speaking topic that will truly make the audience go hmmmmmm. The evolution theory is just such a speech topic.

So many of those who advocate the theory seem to believe in it so much that they are only arguing details of the theory.

As a scientist it is not hard to recognize that if any other theory had so many difficulties the question to be asked, would it be accepted as a fact? This makes for a great public speaking topic.

The Evolution of the Evolution Theory

The theory has had to evolve considering the challenges with the theory? Consider some of the challenges the theory poses as professed by evolutionist themselves.

    Where does the fossil record show the gradual change? To my knowledge, it does not.

    Where do molecular changes and mutations prove evolution. A mutated fly is still a fly. Some mutations, although beneficial in some ways, have inherent weaknesses in other ways. Cancer is a mutation but it is in no way making us better or changing us into something else.

    Why is it not possible to replicate the process of lifeless chemicals producing life in the lab. Ok, that is an unfair question.

    Does the evolution theory disprove modern math? It seems anything over 1 to the 50th power is dismissed as impossible, well, unless you have faith. That is what it takes for something with more than a googol chance of happening.

    Actually, it is 1 to 113th power chance that all of the exact 20 left handed protein molecules just happened to get together from a soup of over 100 varieties of both left and right handed molecules not to mention other things.

    I am not sure but isn’t that more than the possible known atoms in the universe.

    It gets better. Correct me if I am wrong, but are there approximately 2000 proteins serving as enzymes inside a cell. Back when I studied it, the chance of probability of this this happening is 1 in 10 to the 40,0000. So if I believe in evolution, then all the math I have learned up till now is wrong.

    Oh yes, not only do they have to get together, they had to get out of the soup and exposed to the destructive ultraviolet light. Not quite sure where that places the odds on top of just getting together.

    And...doesn’t water favor depolymerization rather than polymerization? Spontaneous dissolution would be more likely than synthesis.

    If evolution should be believed as fact, should it not be held to the scientific method?

    It seems that evolution has to do the very thing it condemns those of faith regarding. It requires faith in a miracle. It has to believe in scientific fiction as a fact.

    On the other side of the coin, I do not believe in the dogma of many mainstream religions as to how the earth and life came to be either.

But that is another topic.


A thought...If we evolved from apes, why are there still have apes?

I would not recommend getting into a argument over evolutionary thinking as it would not be good to argue over religion. However, to share your beliefs and to have a sound logical reason for believing them should be your right.

This is only part of the discussion. Want more. Let me know. Contact me and I will provide a lot more content why it is so hard to wrap my head around a theory that has so little proof and so many problems.

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