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Are you using FaceBook marketing to enhance your resume.

Facebook marketing allows you to do what you cannot do in person. It puts a face on your accomplishments, but if and only if you use it this way. This Facebook article focuses on FaceBook Resume Writing and how you can use this tool to speak for you.

All humans are hardwired to share information. People talk about others, things, places and people. They also like to talk about themselves. When you write a resume, you are talking about yourself and your accomplishments.

Your resume is your chance to put your best feats forward. Are you using Facebook to put a face on your feats. The benefit is that you can say much more that you would ever have room in a resume. You can do this with out looking like a braggart.

And just as people like to talk, they also like to listen. Why not give them what they want to see and hear, If you know the cliche about not liking to read but enjoying the pictures, then FaceBook Marketing allows you a chance to cover both bases.

Most businesses that are well connected to the net are already checking you out on the web. Be assured you will at the least be Googled. Now there will be a Facebook Profile search too. If they are not, many will soon start to take this peek into your personal life.

If a business is not only on the net but in the net, then what will they think of you if you do not have a profile. Are you progressive or one of the "I am not computer illiterate and proud of it" group?

Vu Deja All Over Again

Lilly Tomlin described the sensation of feeling like you have never been in a place before. It is deja vu backwards. Those who don't use computers and are proud of it are in just such a place.

The last technology leap that compared to the computer had the same effect. The invention was called a fad that would soon pass from the scene of the world. Some even expressed their pride at not having the technology. That invention was the telephone.

If you do not have any net exposure is it because your not networked? Is it because you have no understanding of networking or web skills? Or are those skills limited?

This does not negate the advice of being careful of what you put on your Facebook Profile. If you are desirous of landing a job with a pharmaceutical company and you are personally in to alternative medicine, this may not be something you would want to put out front.

Otherwise, use Facebook to present yourself. Use it to market yourself. Say and include the things that cannot be included in your resume.

What qualities would your prospective client or employer want in a relationship that they were about to enter into?

My FaceBook Marketing

Here is an example:

Imagine on my page that I had the following....with the captions.

This is a picture of my RN Diploma. I earned it in 5 months by a combination of challenging and doubling up on classes. I was working full time and still volunteering at the time.

This is a bunch of my friends working as volunteers in Columbia, South America.

Here we are again working hurricane Hugo relief in Antigua. Of course, after serving our fellow man, we were surfing with our fellow man.

Here I am, lecturing to a group of doctors in Mexico.

Me at the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Conference put on by SABMS.

So far, this is presented in such a way to get me work in the medical field. There would be much more of course. Both Pictures and words.

The next decision I would need to make is how diversely do I want to display my interest.

Since I am a public speaker, I could include pictures of me speaking at various times and places. Especially I would include the times I was the spokesman for the hospital when the TV station wanted a nurse to speak on camera.

I am also an artist. Now it gets a bit tricky. If I want to land the pharmaceutical sales rep job, it might not be a good idea to show the monument work I did that sold for $54,500.

Or what about some of the paintings or sculptures I have created?

Family Faces by Jonathan Steele (Acrylic on Canvas Painting  Available Direct from Artist:  $5700)

Even putting that my paintings command a $3000 to $6000 price tag may not be good for a couple of reasons. If my work would never get the prices being listed, then it makes me look a bit like a fool. Or, if I do get those prices, then it creates another challenge, why am I wanting to work for someone else.

It all depends on what your end game is. What do you want. Think of Facebook as your marketing tool. What are you marketing? In my case, it shows my creative abilities and my marketing skills. I simply say it is my past work.

Also, since the sale prices are there, it would be best not to list the galleries where I show since the prices are there for everyone to see.

If my art were to take off, they would assume that so would I. At the very least, they may wonder how committed to the job I would be.

Me on Long Island / My First Paid Commercial Shoot

Me During My First Commercial Video Production, Shot on Long Island

Note:You never know who will know you. Once on a resume I put that my work had won a national interior design award. It was in Bolder, Colorado. My interviewer not only knew the restaurant, she knew my work. I did get the job

If I were trying for some creative position, then my FaceBook marketing would include this as well.

My life is not over yet. I am also a non-degreed engineer. Perhaps I would be better described as a recovering engineer. So, do I put down my accomplishments.

This would depend on the company and what they are looking to hire.

One well known brokerage house had a party. One of the wives noted that every guy there was a carbon clone of the other. They all wore the same suit, the same kind of tie, even drank the same drink. If I was trying for employment at that company, they do not want to know that I have designed and built a third generation (latest generation at this writing) supplemental hydrogen fuel generator and that my 6 cylinder car now gets a whopping 73 mpg.

However, if I want to get back into the research and development field, then all of the above would be of great benefit to my FaceBook Marketing.

So, the next picture would be me with my HHO generator in my car. Or maybe just the invention on its own as you see it here.

HHO Fuel Cell

As a freelance public speaker (I speak on just about everything) then all of this will further my image as a renaissance man, and add credibility to my topics.

For good measure, I would want to add the 5 o'clock news clip where the reporter went for a ride along. We drove the car about 100 miles. Filling up the gas after all was done and said, it got the 73 Mpg.

Now, not only do I have the story, there is raw credibility as well.

One Last Interest

One last decision. Do I want to include that I am a webmaster? Again, what is the purpose of including the information. Is it to brag? Then it could hurt me. Is it to market my skills and what could be brought to the company, then it could be beneficial.

FaceBook Marketing To Connect

Use your FaceBook Profile as a means to connect with those you want to do business with. Allow them to see you, what you are, who you are and what you can bring to them. In other words, your FaceBook has to answer the question in the back of their mind, What's In It For Me?

Imagine what it says when they find you and this is what they find. Their mind will scream: This is the best person for me. I want to do business with this person. I want to hire this person.

Since this is a new venue to present yourself as part of a FaceBook marketing campaign, it will not be saturated for a while. Till it does become overused, present yourself well and prosper.

There is more to come on the topic of FaceBook marketing. Please come back and check out our future FaceBook articles.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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