Gentlemen, Do You Know How to Cruise for Free

9. Gentlemen Hosts or Escorts Cruise Free

In many countries being an escort or host is respectable and honorable work that is of a totally nonsexual nature. It is no different on cruise ships.

Are you single, classy and well mannered? Can you dance? Would you mind escorting or dancing with the ladies on board. This would be on dance nights or to other on board events. Your stay could even be extended and these escorts or hosts often get paid.

I am told that the standards for this are very high so you better be able to thrive on rejection.

When I lecture on the various ways to turn public speaking into an income stream, invariably some in the audience raise their eyebrows So let me make this disclaimer. There is no hankey pankey allowed.

From those I have met who do this, you should know, if you are caught doing anything more than escorting, you will be put off at the next port of call. You will have to figure out how to get home on your own.

You will make it possible for ladies to attend an occasion accompanied by a well mannered, socially adept and intelligent male host.

Some of the requirements include

  • Excellent Physical Shape
  • Physically attractive
  • An Elegant dance partner, a strong lead
  • Good at listening
  • A Good Conversationalist (which means being a good listener)
  • Sense of Humor a plus
  • Impeccable Manners (depending on the lady and her background, you may want to learn old fashioned manners. Research 19th century Gentlemen to learn more on this.)

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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