The Ones You Should Use...the Ones You Should Lose

Public speaking gestures fall into two types. Those to use and ones that can cause you to lose. Lose your audience, your rapport and in some cases, even your life. Some can be deadly in other parts or the world away from your home.

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Public Speaking-Gestures considers the most important aspect of this kind of body language that public speakers should use. This is a self directed tutorial on what and how to use these in your public speaking. Come back and learn which ones you should avoid and which could cause big problems.

A Gesture to Be Avoided Some have one meaning in one country and entirely different meaning in other countries. Sometimes entirely different meanings for each country.

Users beware. Not only could you alienate and lose your audience, you could lose your life is some countries.

Power Body Language in Public Speaking It might be good to consider the power of this unique body language. They can move and improve your ability to speak. They can enhance your ability to attain rapport with your audience. They can make the words you use have even more power. Learn about that power and how you can master it.

Most Used Hand-Gesture Some of the most common hand signals can have catastrophic consequences in other countries. A basic rule of speechmastery is there is never a need to use obscene or foul speech. The same goes for speaking with our hands.

Other Nonverbal-Gesture Not all is said with our hands. We can also speak with our arms, face feet. As a mater of fact, with out even knowing it, you could inadvertently dishonor someone with a very common body posturing.

Body-Gestures There are other body gestures you need to be aware of and avoid.

Public Speaking Mannerisms and another way to kill your audience attention.

Mannerisms of Body and Voice Could these be making you less effective?

TV-Gesturing Take everything you learned about public speaking and when it comes to your hands, keep them to yourself. Find out the vital difference between speaking on TV and in front of an audience. How can you learn to master speaking into the camera. Learn more here.

Talking With Your Hands Signing to speak with those who cannot hear requires both knowing how to sign but also gestures. Much of the speaking is using gestures to enhance what is being said. Think of it as signing in a soft voice or signing with a loud voice. The difference is in the gestures and facial expressions.

Learn a few words an this is an added way to enhance your speaking abilities. More importantly, it will allow you to reach even more people with your message. Gestures Resource

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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