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An Indirect Way to Profit from Public Speaking

You can start to get paid for speaking to audience in your neighborhood. This is possible using the concept of preselling. To learn more about preselling download the free e-book Make Your Content PreSell. Go ahead, get it and devour it. Then come back here. It is free. Skip the ad copy and scroll to the bottom to get your copy.

The following is about using preselling as a venue to get speaking gigs that can start your career and start to get paid for speaking.

Consider how the preselling process works. Then following the how to section will be a list of places you can present. If you do it right, you can make sales and get paid for speaking. I have been doing this for years and it is an easy way to get your start.

    Actually, I still do it for practice. It is much harder for me to speak to 10-30 people than to speak to 100 to 1000.

Preselling to Get Paid for Speaking

    When you are invited to start speaking, the first thing you should do is introduce yourself. You may be thinking that this is going to make you look like a braggart.

    Normally this would be true. However there are two situations where it is not only appropriate, it is essential to put your best feats forward.

      In this instance, you want to focus on accomplishments that will help promote what you are preselling. So when I am promoting one expertise, Bloodless Medicine and Surgery, it is not the right time to say I am also an artist or a webmaster helping people build successful web sites.

    When sharing your experience and training, tell how you have put it to work and benefited from it. Think of this as your job interview. The audience is asking the questions by their presence, you provide answers.

    At some time in the future those you talk to will have a question. Only this time they will think of you as the person to go to for the answers. If you do this well, then you will have effectively pre-sold yourself as the expert on the topic.

    Now as you give your talk, your preselling goes into high gear. Your not marketing what you do. Your not marketing your product. Your now going to tell the audience how what you know will help them with the problems or challenges they face.

    Speak of the end result, the benefit that the knowledge you are now sharing will give them.

    So if I am talking about the benefits of boosting glutathione in the body, it will not be advantageous to tell how the tri-peptide is the combination of cysteine, glycine and glutamine. And what makes the cysteine absorbable is the sulfa-hydroxyl grouping that bonds the two molecules together in relationship to the blaaa, blaaa, blaaa.

    Rather it would be better to speak of what they already know. It would start with the commercials on EPO for cancer patients and how that has helped them to have more energy. Next would be a question about athletes using EPO for blood doping. Do you know why it works? Because it makes more blood.

    More blood means more energy. More energy means better job performance. Being able to play ball with the kids after work, etc, etc.( know the concerns prior to getting in front of the audience)

    Now I ask a question. What if you could dope your blood and what if it was totally legal, even if your an athlete. What if it does not cost as much as EPO (a single vile could cost $2000)? What if it was totally safe according to the Physicians Desk Reference (this is the book doctors look at to tell what the drug interactions are)?

    Although there are three products produced commercially to provide the vital element that makes your body make more blood and give you more energy, what if you could get it from the foods you eat. So, in other words, it will not cost you anything more than lunch? Would this be interesting.

      At this point I have indicated that there is a product but I have not said what it is because I am distributor of two of the three. Telling them they can get it in a small amount from their diet establishes my interest in them and not in their money.

      At this point I have a handout with the information I am sharing. It also has my contact information on the top and bottom. It indicates my expertise in health maintenance nutritional counseling and age management (anti-aging counseling).

      Then after the talk when I hand my card out, they find that they can buy the products that give more energy and improve health at the same time. Like a game of tennis, the ball is in their court. Those interested will volley it back to me. This is where the relationship is made that will result in a sale.

      In this case, the actual sale of the product is worth $20. If five people out of 30 buy it, that will mean I earned $100. Lets say only 3 keep using it after three months but they do so for the rest of the year. This would mean the 30 minute lecture could be worth $840 in the next twelve months. These are conservative numbers.

      The sales you make are how you get paid for speaking.

    The key is providing useful information. Helping the audience to help themselves. This key has one unique feature. The key is information that they can use. However the information will only get them so far. Far enough that they can try it and see that it will work. This helps establish your expertise.

    There also needs to be an element of need. In the above presentation, the majority of the audience will not feel the need for the product. However those with health challenges or family members with health concerns will need more than what can be provided in diet alone.

    There is the need, you have the additional knowledge to help. They need to come to you for that knowledge.

Places to Get Paid for Speaking





    Rotary International

    Chamber of Commerce

    Local Business Group meetings

    Cruise Ships (special care and other requirements apply here

    Book Your Own and Rent a Hall at a Hotel

    Seek and find these organizations and offer to speak. You will be on your way to get paid for speaking.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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