To find a good speech topic and illustration ideas you need not look farther than the local news paper and TV. News, advertisements and movies are full of speech topic ideas.

I do believe Speechmastery requires the creative use of the mind. Rather than give you lists of topics, we give areas of current thinking that a good speech topic can be found within.

Just because you like a topic does not mean it is timely. The media sells what the people are interested in. If you tie your topic into those subjects you can not help but have a win-win situation.

You win because of finding a timely topic that the audience is warmed up to and along with the topic you will also find rich sources of information for your speech. They will be connected to each other and can be found in articles, stories and research papers.

Where to go to find the Good

What topics are current that could be turned into a good topic for public speaking?

Just follow the schedules of newspapers and magazines. Look at advertisements. You will notice they often appear months in advance of the time they cover. You will often find a good speech topics with the hot topics on the calendar, current subjects in the market place and in time with local interest.

The result, you can win extra attention and points from your audience. These are subjects that the media has programmed into the subliminal minds of potential audiences.

Continuing In the News Topics

The economy is a big concern. This is the time when a lot of people look into self employment.

By the way, this website was the result of an affiliate marketing program. Foods to Avoid High Cholesterol There is a lot of news about cholesterol lately.

10 reasons you may be Vitamin D Deficient is nothing new but since but it is a big winter time problem if your in the Northern part of the world.

Cinnamon and Cholesterol Offers some tasty information on improving your health.

The Great Swine Flu Epidemic This is a great topic for several reasons. Rather than telling you why, check out this abstract at the National Institute of Health site.

A Supplement to Prevent / Treat Avian Influenza A

Note the dates. Note the solution. Want more info...check out Glutathione Disease The same prophylactic support will be found with the swine flu.

Imagine this, the preventative and protective treatment is only a few foods and supplements away. Ok, back to where you were....

The human mind likes coherence. We don’t hear about looking forward to seeing the fall leaves in February. However, with spring just around the corner, home fix-up and gardening is something to look forward to after a long, cold winter.

Feed the mind what it is used to eating with good speech topic content and it will be hungry for what you have.

Here are some of the print media topics that can be speech topics in the Northern Hemisphere and especially the USA.

January Geographically Variable

February Home and Garden

March Fashion

April Health and Fitness

May School Graduation, Careers

June Outdoors

July Back to School

August Parenting

September Cars

October Philanthropy and Volunteering

November Brides

December Taxes

January Geographically Variable

Add to this list holidays, special days, honorary days, and commemorative days. Dig a little and find some background on these days and you have an introduction and usually an illustration for your speech topic.

For instance, the start of school or college....

Decorating college dorm rooms

How to make and pack healthy lunches

Resources for parents and students

Schoolyard bullying

Cell phones in the classroom

Technology in the classroom

Fashion trends

Studying for the SAT tests

The trendiest school supplies

Parents returning to school

How to know if your kid needs a tutor


Good study habits

The benefits of sleep

Real news vs fake news for journalist wannabe's

Acid Reflux Disease: How Sea Salt and Water Could be the Best Natural Cure.

As always, some topics are made by the news and not the season. It is always good to subscribe to some of the various news services. An excellent source of extra eyes on targeted news is Google News Alerts.

Additionally, speech topics can be found within movies that are winners at the box office. Sometimes they can be found in movies that are not winners too. Check out those movies that come from the film festivals.

Human interest stories offer good speech topics as well. A great movie to see in this regard is “Smile.” It is about the volunteer Doctors, Dentists, and Nurses who restore smiles to children born with birth defects of the lips and mouth.

Cancer Prevention and Nuclear Power Plants

Subscribe to some of the international news services as well. Get news from outside your local sources. Start watching documentaries and listening to news content from outside your home country. Our home grown news will always have a local slant or interest behind it. If you see how other people see the same news, you will open your perspective. This will open your mind and make possible an enriched dialog with the audiences you speak to.

Word of Caution

When can a good speech topic become not so good?

Some topics in the news are heavily reported on. To make a speech on them would only further inflict information on the readers they are already overburdened with. Unless you have something truly new and fresh, don’t tackle subjects that have extensive and long running coverage on.

I am constantly amazed at running into people I personally know in all parts of the world, at all different times. This world is really not so big after all. Perhaps the good speech topics you will find we share with our neighbors and are in the end, quite common.

May all of your topics be good and all of your speeches be great. The Good Speech Topic Resource

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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