Your Health Challenges as a Public Speaker

Manage Your Health and Wellness?

Our health and wellness can impact our public speaking. It can be a factor in how we present ourselves. To attain Speechmastery requires maintenance of our primary equipment, ourselves and our health as a public speaker. This is because how we feel and function will determine to some degree the quality of how we present ourselves.

Hype or Help

    There is a lot of hype on natural cures. Some have scientific proof of viability. Others are only based on anecdotal evidence. Some fall under the heading of pop psychology.

    This guide only includes those treatments that are used by doctors, nurses, and professionals. They are here because professionals have found they work.

    Sometimes the pop psychology works because of the placebo effect even though it cannot always be replicated in studies.

    These techniques, tricks or aids are not a substitute for preparation. They will not make you a better speaker if you have not learned the principles of great speaking. They will not help you remember what you have not put into your brain.

    However when faced with the wellness challenges all of us are confronted with from time to time, this guide may give you the edge to overcome the limitations some of these concerns present.

Sleep Health

    What if you have a sleepless night? You need your sleep. Tomorrow is the big day. What if the lack of sleep is because you don't sleep well in hotel beds? Do you know the basic do's and don'ts to improve your chances to sleep?

    Sleep is something that affects more people than we are aware. Most suffer in silence. You no longer need to be deprived.

    The Ultimate Sleep Aid that is probably right in your cupboard. I have helped thousands finally get sleep with this 2000 year old sleep remedy. You will be going to another website to learn about it. The Korean SBS documentary interviewed me and one of my clients that it not only helped get to sleep, it saved his life from terminal brain cancer. He has exceeded his expiration date by a few years at this writing.

    The Plan B Sleep Aid if you have a problem getting to sleep before your public speech.

Teeth and Healthy Public Speaking

    Toothpaste and oral hygiene should be one of the first considerations. I think I have found the best toothpaste there is. Would you like to put an end to the pink in the sink It is all natural. More importantly, it promotes healthy gums by what it does at the cellular level.

    White Teeth A basic way to boost your confidence. Why not spend money on the essential equipment of your public speaking, your teeth?

Bad Breath

    Bad breath can be an indicator of serious health complications. It is not something to take lightly nor to shy away from in embarrassment.

    Bad Breath can be a real embarrassment. Here are six tips on how to manage and even eliminate it for public speakers.

Burping Elimination

Close Shave

Canker Sore No More

Voice Health

Sore Throat Remedy

    Sore Throat? Never Again with this simple drug store treatment. I have been sore throat free since a doctor turned me on to this treatment in 1997. Back then it cost $18. Today, it can be found in most drug stores for under $5.

Ultimate Energy Drinks

    An Energy Drink that will do more than give you energy. It will help your immune system and is even used to treat and prevent some kinds of stomach ulcers.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

    Stress Reducers for Public Speakers Looks at some practical and easy ways to reduce stress.

    Do you know some of the proven techniques used to manage anxiety? All speakers will face anxiety of one kind or another at some point in their career. Actually some stress can be beneficial.

    Public Speaker Anxiety

    We have compiled a guide of the many stress reducer methods available. Would you like to take a sneak peak of the Stress, Memory and Brain Efficiency Enhancement Guide, it is

    the Ultimate Stress Reducer Guide

Exercises for People Who Hate to Exercise

    The Second Best Exercise

    The second best exercise you can do is probably not what you would think. Learn how to create the motivation to exercise first. Then tackle the program of exercise with a mind set to succeed.

    This is an ever growing list. It is covered in the guide.

Get Public Speaking Health and Wellness Sooner

    There are proven and successful ways to deal with many ailments. Some are common and only involve wellness maintenance. Wellness or treatment of illness, the guide is to help speakers be healthy, wealthy and wise.

    Please contribute any thoughts or suggestions you may have.

    These are a collection of what professionals have found that works for them. Do not do any of these if they go against what your doctor or health professional advise.

    Many of these are only used as aids and not on a continuous basis. Do not use these suggestions before a big gig unless you have tried them before and get the desired results. Some have serious and or embarrassing consequences and side effects. You need to know your body and how they will affect you. As a nurse, I have tried them all and found that they work, or they would not be here.

    Although these are for experienced public speakers, you may see other applications.

    The guide is to help speakers operate at peak performance. They will also work for a number of situations requiring being at your best.

    Many of these come from the trenches of academia and health care. They may work if you're taking a test, finals, a stressful meeting, or a critical negotiation.

    Beyond anxiety and good stress is the matter of being mentally healthy. Like our physical health, our mental status needs to be maintained. Do you know what to avoid to maintain your mental health?

Mental Health and Memory

    At the top of concerns for speakers is mental health.

    If you would like to increase your risk of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia, follow these simple rules...

    1. Avoid thinking when ever possible
    2. Avoid balanced and nourishing diets
    3. Avoid vitamin and mineral supplements
    4. Avoid mental stimulation

    Doing the opposite will not necessarily prevent problems. There are links between those who are active mentally lower risk of being affected.

    Perhaps one of the greatest cognitive concerns of thinkers is memory. More importantly memory loss. What can be done to reduce memory loss and improve recall?

Memory Improvement

    Enhance Your Memory with Diet The video is about anti-aging and disease cure. However, please listen for a few minutes as what the Doctor says has direct implication to your memory. Note the many of the diseases he speaks of are neural-mental diseases. That means memory, your memory could benefit from what he has to say. When finished, there is a list of the foods you can copy for your personal use.

Good Health to You

    Good health to some degree is up to you. Take care of your body. It is the only one you will be given. The Public Speaker Health Resource

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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