Help Learning English

Get Help Learning English by immersing yourself around those who speak English.

First consider how your brain likes to learn new things. This is the basis for getting help learning English.

It will help to know that since the brain is a biological computer, it works on several different levels. Many of these are operating at the same time.

Would you like to do a little self test to demonstrate this ability.

Next time a song you know the words to comes on the radio in your home, start singing with the song. Sing the words. As you sing, start walking around your home and as you see things, say their names in your mind without stopping singing.

When you accomplish this you will see that you can be speaking and thinking something entirely different at the same time. And you were doing another function, walking. All at the same time. This knowledge is an important part of mastering the English language.

This means that not only you can, but if you learn on different levels at the same time you will learn better and faster.

Do you know how our mind learns new things? We have preferences or ways we prefer to receive information. But our brain also learns some things better than others depending on how we feed it information.

You Can Change the Operating System of Your Brain

    Our brain is like a living computer. It needs an operating system. That is the program that tells it how it will run programs. In the case of our brain, our operating system is what we learned as we were growing up. Attitudes learned about ethics, morals, hard work and even having fun.

    Our attitudes and thinking about these was shaped while we were children. We can change the operating system in most cases. People who grew up to be abusive and mean have learned to be kind and loving. People who grew up with extreme views and prejudices have learned balance and acceptance.

Install New Programs in Your Brain For Help Learning English

This is needed to learn to speak fluently.

    Our brain also runs on programs. Programs are how we function or perform daily tasks, sometimes by memory. If you learn how to do a new job, you have just installed a new program into your brain. For help learning English and especially if your learning ESL, it will be like running a new program.

    Our brain is also at risk to viruses of the same kind computers can be infected with. Viruses with information that can hurt our ability to learn.

    If we begin to think we cannot do something or we are not good at something, like a computer virus, our brain starts to process any efforts to do that task through the thinking of, "I can't" and it makes it hard to do.

    If you want to learn a new language, if you want to install a new program on your wonderful gray and white computer inside your head, you need to stop saying, "I Can’t", or "I am not good at."

    Completely eliminate those thoughts or they will come true. In psychology, it is studied and even has a name. It is called self fulfilling prophesy. If you think you can’t do something, you will not be able to do something. This is important if you want help learning English and to speak like a native.

    How can you stop? If you find yourself saying it, immediately correct your self and say something like this, "I have not mastered it yet" or "I can" or I shall improve."

    Next you need to know that since the brain is a biological computer, it works on several different levels. Many of these are operating at the same time.

    It will install new programs best when the different levels are accessed or used at the same time. These levels include our senses, perceptive modes and levels of consciousness. That means we can even learn or solve problems when asleep.

    Our mind learns best when at least three of the five senses are used together. So if you see, hear and speak which gives you a sense of feel, you increase the ability to install or learn the new program and keeping it as part of your thinking. It is one of the best ways to provide help learning English and be able to speak like a native.

    Then once you learn English words or phrases, they need to be reinforced. Reinforcement comes with repetition. The best repetition to learn to speak like a native would be to talk to others conversation. Repetition is a vital aspect of this learning process.

    So to be able to speak, you can see that listening and comprehension is the important first step of learning. But this is only the first half of the help learning English process. You now need practice.

    It is best to practice with those who are native speakers.

    Remembering or putting this new program into our biological computer is really as simple as that. But there are other challenges you will face as you learn English.

    So keep learning, keep practicing, and master speaking in English.

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