How to Law of Attraction: The Basics

Think about the kind of things you are attracted toward? The 'how to law of attraction' is something that you are already doing. It is the simple act of focusing on the end and not the means and ways.

In the how to law of attraction, by letting go of the means and ways, you will actually free you to see many more means and ways than you would otherwise. This happens when we tap into the full potential of our minds.

Once you focus on the end, the next step is start to put into action and effort the life that would be the fulfillment of the end.

Next, be observant for the fulfillment.

Count your blessings, have gratitude for all that you have.

Believe you can receive.

Then, keep doing this and be patient as you continue toward the end you are desiring. This is the basics of how to law of attraction.

Now for the specifics.

The How to Law of Attraction

Think of any specific thing that holds an attraction for you. Is is an antique car, the clouds, deer, horses, or even smells like from foods or perfumes? Now, think of how your senses are like a giant radar, set to pick up any signals that indicate the presence of what your favorite attraction is.

Your Favorite Car

So if you are out and about driving and you get a view of even a corner of a fender of your favorite car, your radar like senses will pick that up, identify it, and instantly put you on alert to see it even more. This is just something that happens naturally. It is the way our brains are hard wired.

How To Law of Attraction: The Key to Fulfillment

The key of the law of attraction how to is to first begin by focusing on the end. If you read the book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, then you may remember Chiang explaining that it was necessary to "begin by knowing that you have already arrived..." In other words, focus on the ends, not the means and ways.

Why focus on the ends?

When we focus on the ends, we open ourselves to a universe of possibilities. When we focus on the ends, when the glimmer of the corner of what we want becomes visible, our radar like brain perception will pick it up and we will see what it is we desire.

The difference, what we desire may be provided within means and ways we could never imagine.

How To Law of Attraction: Personal Growth and Development

Bad things happen to all of us sooner or later. There is no escaping this. How we view what happens could make all the difference in the world for what we attract.

To one person, a bad business deal is devastating to both finances and emotions. To another person, the deal is a learning experience. It lights a fire that starts other ideas. It becomes the means and ways that future success are built upon.

The education, although very expensive, is none the less an education.

Throughout history, most of the most successful businessmen and women have experienced failure. Many have even experienced failure more than once before going on to having success.

The success could be in business, personal growth and development, relationships or management skills.

How to Law of Attraction: Financial Growth and Development

The law of attraction does involve action and effort of some kind. The action could be education, research or networking. The action is often the result of the desire becoming manifest. The action and effort is usually secondary to the manifestation.

A dear friend, Bruce Davidson is an example of this. Bruce, was formerly known as Dumpster Bruce, a homeless man. He got him self out of poverty and became a real estate investor.

One day a man visiting his office noticed a book titled, "No Money Down." The gentleman asked if he "believed this crap?" Bruce said that although he did not initially believe it, since he was just completing his second no money down deal, yes he believed it.

This provides an interesting lesson in human nature. There are dozens of reviews and dis-tamonials saying why various self help programs do not work. Yet you would have a hard time convincing Bruce that his program did not work.

How is it that they work? In the case of Bruce, it is because Bruce was focused on the outcome and not the ways and means. The result was that he got what he saw himself having and not worrying about how it would come, the means and ways worked themselves out.

Effort and action were still required. Bruce needed to get an education. He had to pay for his courses. Once applying them, he made back a hundred times their cost. This is an important part of the how to law of attraction.

Bruce went on to own over 20 properties in two states. There is more to the story but that will be saved for another time. The important thing to remember is that he just did it. He imagined being there, a real estate investor. And he became just that.

How to Law of Attraction: Health and Aging Management

The anti-aging industry is booming. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as anti-aging. At the best, all we can do is manage our aging.

We may soon be able to change our genetic makeup. Until then, we can only manage our health, conditions and health problems.

The law of attraction works in several ways with regard to our health.

Stress is a big factor in our health. Managing stress can help us improve our health. By changing the way we think, we gain mastery over our thoughts. This results in greater control of our emotions. The control of our emotions results in improved health.

A second way the law works again relates to focusing on the ends. When we focus on the end result, our brains become like radars seeking out even the slightest glimmer of that end result and the means and ways will be come apparent.

In some ways, this is essential. It goes beyond the placebo effect.

For instance as a nurse, if I come to you and say there is a cure for your type II diabetes, would you be excited?

Then when I tell you that there is scientific evidence that by switching to an 80% raw food diet and eliminating most of the chemical laden fast foods and processed foods, it is possible to end the need for insulin and diabetic medications. This can usually be achieved in less than 30 days.

But you do not want to make the change in lifestyle that requires buying fresh food and preparing it. The cost will be higher in the first month. There will be more time to create foods with out cooking them. There are a lot of reasons why you will not be able to do this.

But as the diet progresses, the cost will end up being about the same. The real savings comes form ending the need for diabetic medications and the related health problems.

Do you see the issue? The law of attraction only works if your wants are within the sphere of what is realistic.

You can get what you really want in relationship to all universal laws, to an extent.

So I want a cure for diabetes. I am not willing to change my life to have the cure. Do I really want a cure. Yes, I may really want a cure but it is not realistic if I also want to do my drug of choice which is refined sugars.

Incidentally, this is a flaw of the law of attraction philosophy. If our brains are programmed to want something destructive to our health, life or relationships, then we only want or attract the bad because we have bad programming. We do not attract the bad because we really want it. We are just victims of bad programming.

We need to change the way we think.

By the way, the diabetic who does sugar, once introduced to the raw food diet for a month, the craving for sugar will be almost totally eliminated. By focusing on the end, the means and ways will be provided.

Still, there has to be a respect for the universal laws that govern life, the universe and everything.

You cannot want to jump off a building with out respecting the law of gravity just because you want the rush of falling through the air and not pay the consequences.

Do it Now: Master the How to Law of Attraction

Start today, do it now. Start focusing on the end you want.

Start focusing on your financial, social, relationship or desired health. See them as if you are already in possession of them. The result, once your mind is set like a radar to pick up anything relating to what you focus on, the means and ways will become known to you.

Consider teaching others the how to law of attraction to further master it for yourself.

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