Importance of Family Communication

The importance of family communication can be summed up with one phrase: A happy, fulfilling and successful family life. Master communication in the family and you have positioned yourself to master public speaking.

Communicating successfully involves more than sharing, imparting, or conveying of ideas and feelings. If what you say is not understood by the person receiving the communication, it is as if you are speaking to the air. It is necessary for the receiver to understand, accept and apply the information.

The Importance of Family Communication

    So the importance of family communication relates to the importance effective listening.

    When communication between two people is effective, there will be improved relationships, increased respect, less friction and success. Master communication in the family and you are on the way to mastering public speaking.

    There are several factors involved in good family communication. One of the essential skills is listening.

    Another factor in good communication is adjusting for situation, circumstance and age.

    Consider a parent that says to a youngster to behave. What exactly does that mean to the child. Children under about the age of 10 typically do not understand abstract thought. Yet that is an abstraction of the parents mind.

    Behave while in a formal setting, lets say, when your eating dinner out is different than behave when visiting with friends. Again it is different when playing outside in the back yard or when wrestling with their other childhood friends. One word, so many meanings.

    Likewise talking to an elderly parent in such a way that leaves the parent feeling helpless or like they are being treated like a child will not necessarily result in the outcome you hoped for when communicating.

    The sharing, imparting or conveying part of family communication needs to be...

    • Age appropriate
    • Respectful
    • Understandable
    • Situation appropriate
    • Circumstance appropriate

Respectful Communication

    A wife is upset with her husband. She says, "You never....(you can fill in the blanks here)." Sometimes the added dig, "You don't love me." might be added. Is this respectful? Or is this designed to inflict pain to make the person of the attack feel pain as you do? Words like always and never are emotion charged words designed to empower or inflict pain.

    How would your marriage be improved by increased respect and love being shown by both mates.

Understandable Communication

    If I start to speak on the endochronic properties of endochronic properties of resuplimentated thytimeoline you might respond with, "say what?"

    Rather than assuming our children understand, what would happen if we communicated and knew that our communication was effective. This can be known by the feed back we get.

Situation Appropriate

    Communicating about human intimacy with a teenager would be best accomplished walking side by side on a walking path where you could be private.

    Speaking on intimate subjects with a mate might not be effective in a public setting as they would be in a private place.

Circumstance Appropriate

    Communicating displeasure, discipline, or training are not appropriate in front of others, especially peers. There is a place and time for every type of communication.

Improve Communication Learning to Use the Power of P.E.V.R.

Listening: the Other Side of Communication

Listening also has many facets.

Start with how to listen

There is the Listening Style of those you communicate to.

There are some who effectively get paid to listen. They are therapists, bartenders, barbers and beauticians. They know that effective listening is an art.

Learn more about the Art of Listening

Do you know the number of words men and women use every day. Here is a brief look at the words spoken daily.

What would happen in your relationships if people truly listened to you. If you want others to listen to you, could you start listening to others? What would this do for your marriage?

The importance of family communication can not be under estimated. The value is priceless.

To What is Not Said

The Number of Words Used by Men and Women in a day?

Active Listening takes a deeper look at this.

Active Listening The Importance of Family Communication Resource

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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