Improve Enthusiasm

Two Ways Help Improve Enthusiasm

How can you improve enthusiasm?

Two ways. Prepare how you will say it and what you will say.

Mentally Improve Enthusiasm

    Create a mental circumstance or situation that will motivate you. (This especially is important if you’re not an emoting person.) Think of something you have done and the resulting feelings or emotions you felt.

    For instance, imagine the feeling of riding a roller coaster. This is somewhat analogous to how experienced speakers manage and how you can improve this speaking skill in your public speaking.

    The slow climb builds anticipation for the emotion. The climax is the peak. The rush you feel as you cascade down the other side is the enthusiasm injected into the words and the way those words are shared.

    Do you remember that feeling. What expression did you have on your face at that moment. Those memories can help you share those feelings with your audience.

    Your purpose in speaking and using enthusiasm is to obtain your most wanted response. That purpose has to truly benefit the audience. Remember this feeling as well and tie it to what you want to say to mentally improve enthusiasm.

    This was a consideration of how we can prepare the mind to use and improve the enthusiasm in how the words are used.

    A second aspect of preparation involves what you say. How can the use of words encourage, produce, and even improve the enthusiasm in the delivery of a speech?

Improve Enthusiasm With What You Say

    Use the unique pre-selling proposition to improve enthusiasm.

    What You Will Say

    Your Unique Pre-selling Proposition. If you think, “But, I’m not selling anything,” think again. You’re introducing a subject or presenting an idea that you want them to buy into. In other words, you’re selling. Not in the traditional sense of the word but still selling.

What is your unique pre-selling proposition?

    To pre-sell means to prep them for the sale or ‘buy in’ of your message. If you go in knowing they neither need nor want what it is you are offering, good salesmanship traditionally teaches you should cut your losses. Say good bye.

    However with that knowledge, you propose or create a proposition that will get them to listen. The proposition may only be, “for your information” with the caveat of what’s in it for them. Why would they need to know what it is you have to offer?

    For one thing, the knowledge you are offering to them will enhance their life. It will make them better at what ever. Your message needs to have that formula and with in that formula, enthusiasm. The excitement, interest, or devotion to what ever your message is.

    In other words, even though the information will perhaps not benefit them, you’re so excited about it, you want them to have this knowledge so that it will be available to them in the future.

    It goes to a very basic philosophy we follow here at

      The most self serving thing you can do is be selfless, the most self satisfying thing you can do is serve others.

    When you serve even though there is nothing in it for you (or at least it may appear that way) you will reap rich rewards.

    By presenting your information using the pre-selling method, you can be enthusiastic about what you way without sounding dogmatic or like your selling.

    How much is too much and how can you know? Where is caution due and what should be avoided in using this speaking skill. Find out in the third of three sections.

Appropriate Enthusiasm requires a balance. Where would be the best place to inject enthusiasm? What credibility destroying inappropriate-enthusiasm needs to be avoided?

Communication Style is a related topic you might be interested in.

What is Motivation? Consider the definition to better apply your enthusiasm to what you say.

Public Speaking Motivation Home Page and more motivation resources.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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