Improve Public Speaking Skill

Master the Skills by Observation & Imitation

A basic requirement to improve public speaking skill first and foremost is practice. All of the books on public speaking will tell you this. And it is true.

However, once you have basic speaking ability, how will you be able to improve public speaking skill without direction or focus? How will you know what you lack? How will you know your weaknesses? What is your ultimate goal as a public speaker? Where do you want to go?

Do you remember that in classical times when Cicero had finished speaking, the people said, "How well he spoke" but when Demosthenes had finished speaking, they said, "Let us march."
--Adlai Stevenson

Do You Know What You Do Not Know?

    Do you need help with public speaking and mastery of the skills? Finding a coach may be difficult. It may be challenging to get friends who will help you improve.

    It requires an honest critique to improve public speaking skill.

    Not all can afford a coach either.

    So what's left? Michael Jordan once said he would not have gotten where he was with out having a coach. Although that is true of his field, your public speaking skill improvement can come from observing other speakers along with practice.

Improving public speaking skill can be learned from from

  • imitating the speaker skills of other speakers...
  • observing audience reaction to newly learned speaker skills...
  • eliminating actions and manners that detract from good speaking.
  • You can do it to. You can learn from others mistakes. You can learn from observing others speak. You can imitate what they do that you like. You can improve public speaking skill with this simple tutorial.

    As you continue on in this lesson, you will click onto a video for internet marketing. My intention is not to promote their product. This real life video will enable you to assess and critique their speaking so as to be able to improve public speaking skill.

Start With Speaker Skills

    Please print out a copy of the Speaker Skills Analysis using the listed qualities as your work sheet. As you watch the videos, grade the speaker on each of the skills. Is the speaker great, good, acceptable, needs work, or poor?

    You can develop your own score. Put your scoring method on the top or bottom so you can view it as you score each speaker.

    There are some other things to watch for not covered in the speaker skills. For this reason keep checking back. In time, it will have even more skills added to the list.

    I have only briefly covered TV and Camera speaking. Watch how the speakers look on the screen as they are picked up on the camera. What are they doing right? Doing wrong? What does their movement and gestures do to your eyes and brain? How do you feel about their movements?

    Also look at the use of humor. Is it overt or covert? I always recommend avoid trying to be funny. If you’re trying to be funny and you’re not, it will be difficult to recover. If you are funny and not trying to be, you will have an easier time picking it up and adding to it but no one will notice if you don’t. They will only remember the humor.

    Notice how the humor was incorporated. It was every day things that were taken to the extreme or the ridiculous.

    The choice is yours. They can remember that you bombed or that you are the bomb.

    Look at the introductions. Were they appropriate? Coherent? Arouse interest in the rest of the speech? Were they to warm up the mind or were they just to take up time?

    In learning how to improve public speaking skill, don’t focus on the more basic word whiskers like 'and uh’s.' Some speaker gurus recommend using them to make the speaking sound more natural. Although I strongly disagree with those who suggest that, look for even worse word whiskers like 'and now', 'now', and 'so now' to name a often misused word.

    Look for gestures that have turned into mannerisms.

    If people are going to spend a lot of money to hear you speak and you want to keep getting called back, attain Speechmastery and your success will follow.

    Ready to start your lesson?

    Before you go…one more thing. You will hear them talk about Ken Evoy and Sitesell. You will hear about a 13 year old making a few thousand a month on her web site compared to a site that paid thousands to get built.

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Start Learning by Analyzing Other Speakers

    Now, back to the lesson to learn how to improve public speaking skill.

    Just click on this link for the video recorded advertisement and
    listen to the speakers, critique what they say, how they say it and how they present and learn.

    Once there you will see 9 speaker video windows each with times. Open each by clicking and start learning.

    Oh yes, you might enjoy the education relating to the content. It's very good too. But first, observe and learn how critiquing others can help you improve public speaking skills.

    The lectures take about 12 hours. You can listen to all or part. The lessons, both how to improve public speaking skill and the internet marketing lessons are free except for your time. The value of your education is priceless. The Improve Public Speaking Skill

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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