Improve Public Speaking

Would you like to know how you can improve public speaking?

Public Speaking Improvement

    To improving your public speaking you need to master public speaking. Mastery of the three pillars of dynamic public speaking is where this process starts. The three pillars are voice, verbalization and visualization.

    Your voice is a dynamic tool that you can learn to master and improve. The words you use and the way you use them will be a constantly and never ending learning process. Improving your voice is where you can start with improving your public speaking.

    Visualization or how people see you or see you present your speech also play an important aspect of your speaking. Dress, grooming and how you carry yourself all play a part.

    Here are some of the areas you can work on to improve your speaking.

Improve Your Public Speaking

    Start by incorporating each of the following in your speech giving. Do not try to improve in all areas at once. Pick two or three and master them. Once you have them under control, add two more.

    1) Before you even start, think about your audience, who they are, what they want and what they need. Thinking of the audience allows you to build a talk to reach the audience mind and build rapport with those you speak to.

    2) In your speech writing, learn to work with and from an outline. Learn to be able to improvise when necessary. Introductions should capture attention. Stories often work best for many audiences. Incorporate the story through the talk. Conclude the story with the conclusion of your talk.

    3) Learn how to use power words and phrases. Learn how to use comparisons. Make it your goal to kill adjectives and begin to use power verbs.

    4) Improve your public speaking skill as part of the process. Only try to master two or three public speaking skills at a time and add new ones as older ones are perfected.

    5) Included in the speaker skills is mastery of your voice. Learn to use the full range of your voice qualities.

    6) Always be ethical.

    7) Be careful with humor. The safest and best humor is covert humor. If you say something that makes the audience laugh, run with it. If the audience does not get it, you have not lost a thing. This requires knowing the audience and what will tickle their funny bone.

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