Informative Speech Introduction

How Can Interest be Aroused and Captured?

The informative speech introduction needs to introduce the theme and grab attention of the audience listener.

To accomplish this you need recognize that we all have spam filters. That is the part of our brain that says "yeah sure." Do not use any terms or key words in the informative speech introduction that will cause the spam filters of the brain to route your information into the trash bin.

Failure to do so will cause them to shut their minds and prevent their listening. The goal of delivering an informative speech is not enough. There is also a need to introduce an informative speech so that it captures the attention of the audience.

    Note...Remember this, we live in an over sold, over marketed world. Last thing you want to do to your audience is sell them. They don’t usually do not want to be sold.

    This is something I learned from Gary Bencivenga in his news letter. He is perhaps one of the greatest copywriters of our time. He is also sharing his life's knowledge for free in his newsletters.

      ...they are hype free, ad free, sales pitch free. Hard to believe but it is true. This is a 'must read' for learning how to build an informative speech introduction and other aspects of speech building.

    If you try to sell them you will be put into the same in basket that the “You can make $1000 a week stuffing envelopes.” “Do this and you will get wealthy beyond your dreams.” Spam, spam, spam.

    So what can you do in your informative speech introduction that will grab their attention with out spamming the audience? It is a simple technique called pre-selling.

Make your proof bigger than your thesis statement of benefit.

    An informative speech introduction needs to have a connection of the proof to the thesis statement.

    It can be done with a with a simple technique. Never state one without the other. If you state your claims with even greater proof, your credibility will increase exponentially. More importantly, you’re pre-selling. This is an important element of sharing information in an informative speech.

    Your ultimate goal is to under promise and over deliver. You’re not giving something “New and improved” or “Free,” rather the information you will be sharing will have a singular or multiple benefits that they will readily see and understand. Those benefits will be logical. Attaining those benefits will be reasonable.

    This is why the question you need to ask yourself from the beginning, what’s in it for them. You might put your self in their shoes and answer the question, What’s in it for me? If you do so, you will connect, no you will padlock the benefit to the proof.

    There are a number of ways to pad lock these two together. One effective way is two simple words. For some reason these two simple words tend to turn off the spam filters of the mind. These two words will act as a mental connector for to tye the proof to the thesis statement.

    The result, your statement will...

Connect the Proof to the Thesis Statement

    Simply say, "If...then." When you know why the knowledge is needed and beneficial, you have the benefit. Supply the proof. Frame it within the ‘if...then’ context.

    It was one of the most successful ad campaigns for self made multi millionaire Charles Givens. It worked the same for Richard Simmons.

    For the latter it basically said, "If you give me 20 minutes a month, I guarantee you will lose weight."

    Apply this to the informative speech and lock the benefit to the promise. If you learn these principles, if you understand the relationship of 'if… then,'’ your success in sharing the information will be forth coming. More importantly, you will have attained speech mastery in this venue.

    If your giving a fact based, knowledge rich, objective informational talks, then this is the underlying principle to help turn off the spam filter and capture their attention. This is only one example of informative speech introduction meeting the needs of the audience.

The Body

    The informative speech introduction is the second step in building an informative speech. The third will be creating the body.

  • What is involved in creating the informative speech body?
  • What needs to be included and what needs to be avoided?

The Body of an Informative Speech will answer these questions.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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