Find Your Informative Speech Niche

to Grow Rich

Find your informative speech niche, speak about it and grow rich.

This is a story about a former co-worker, a mentor and old friend. He found a niche and is growing rich as a public speaker. So much so that he left behind his lucrative business a photographer.

More importantly, anyone can do this. You can do this if you have the brains and motivation.

Here is the best part. Although he is a good speaker on some levels, when he talks about his niche, he is not that good. He is not bad, just not as good as other topics he speaks on.

So why does he do so good. His information is good and the information fits a need.

What is a Niche?

    Niche is used in the setting of marketing. A niche is a portion of a section of a market.

    Typically niches are not being cared for by mainstream businesses. The group of customers is considered too small and interest is limited. Since there is a demand and little supply, a business opportunity awaits.

    To succeed, there is a need to find and develop the niche customers by filling their needs. Sometimes it can be through new channels the customer is reached.

What is an Informative Speech Niche

    Find a topic that people have an interest in, have a need to know about, and the information could benefit them and you are on your way.

    Next ask if they are being undeserved. How would you find out? Keyword search tools will tell which words people are searching for. Then using other Supply Search Tools will tell how many pages or sites are available.

    High demand and low information availability, you may have a winner.

    our not done yet.

    Now it is up to you how you will frame your business. Are you going to frame it as a sustaining business. All you can hope to do is make sustaining income. If on the other hand you make your business into a market disruption, you can be in line to make truly phenomenal profits.

My Friend and his Informative Speech Niche

    So what about my friend. Well, he found one. It turned out so good he has produced $700,000 in income for 2005 and 2006.

    What was his niche. Not so quick.

    More importantly, what he spoke on was something he was passionate on, something he believed in and what people needed and wanted.

    So it doesn’t necessarily matter what his niche is. Your niche is something springing from your heart and discerned with a bit of research.

    Go find your niche, speak and grow rich.

Helping Public Speakers Master Public Speaking is a love but not a niche. It is heavily saturated.

Art is one of informative speech topic I love. Because I only do it as a sustaining business, the profits are not grand. looks at another topic that has captured my attention. So much so I am building a web site on it.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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