Inspiration and the Audience Needs

To find inspiration for your motivational public speech you need look no farther than the worries, concerns, fears, issues and problems that face us all. If the worries, concerns, and fears tie into what people really want, you have a one two punch to add to your motivational speaking.

    What are inspirational sources?

    What do people really want?

These two elements looked through the MWR filter will aid you in creating any motivational speech and make it desirable for the audience.


    This is the process used in the inspiration of my art work. Family Faces you see here is based on a steel sculpture. Those viewing the sculpture series spoke of how they were touched by the works.

    Someone made a comment about the series being a family. That was the first part of my inspiration. Families are everywhere. The family unit is being broken up by various pressures. Inevitably, my series would be broken up and sold separately.

    But what do most of us want with regard to our family. To be close and to be together. My most wanted response, to create the feeling of a close knit family.

    So combining the issue of family break up with what people really want came the inspired the creation of Family Faces.

    Family Faces (C) 2005 Jonathan Steele 3' x 4' Acrylic on canvas

    To create an inspirational speech, start with the topics of conversation locally. What are people interested in. What do they talk about around the water cooler? What does your family, extended family and friends talk about? What concerns them? What worries them? What makes them loose sleep at night?

    Look at the community at large and not isolated pockets of interest. What are the masses talking about?

    Then do an information search. Only do it different than you would usually do it.

Inspire: Your Informational Resources

    If you typically do Google or Yahoo searches to find information, try something different. Do a Google Alert and Yahoo Alerts. Here you will find the latest breaking articles on what ever subject you type in. Articles that the public is interested in.

    Within the articles you will find released reports from the latest studies as well.

    What words do you search. Start with your own loves and passions. Assuming you do not have a passion for a doorknob collecting (If you do, please contact me, I have a rare brass NYC School Door knob I am willing to sell or trade from my collection) and your interest are main stream, start with what is most important to you.

    Men will more often than not as a whole be interested in government, politics, jobs, cars, sports.

    Women will be interested in family, children, marriage, relationships, and health.

    As we get older, we all get more interested in health issues unless we have faced chronic illness in ourselves or that of a dear family member from a younger age.

    These are very general guidelines. They will have geographic and generational differences. They are just a starting point. When considering your audience, both men and women could be interested in cars but from several different aspects depending on their background.

    If you’re talking about how to beef up your boxer engine, most women would not be interested. However, how not to be taken by a bad mechanic and how to find a good one if you’re new to an area would be timely to most audiences.

    Type in all the various words related to your topic. In this case the topic of cars.

    Repair cost
    Honest mechanic
    Auto Maintenance

    The list could go on.

    Now wait for you e-mail in box to fill up. Scan the article introductions to see if it is relevant to the inspirational direction you want to take the topic.

    You will have more than enough information to make your speech inspirational and motivational and at the same time informative.

    But wait, this is only the first half of how to handle the motivation.

What do people really want?

    Here caution needs to be used. What people complain about is not necessarily equal and congruent with what they really want.

    For instance, one study demonstrated most employees didn't want more income. Rather they wanted better working conditions and job security. What people vocalize and what people really want may be two different things.

Understand What People Really Want,

Consider the end result.

    People don't want a sofa when they go to a furniture store. The want something to sit on and perhaps to fit their decor to make their room fulfill a certain need. They accomplish this by buying a sofa.

    In cars, people buy status, image, a means to get to work, to transport the kids to soccer and so on.

    I do admit, most of us buy clothes because we prefer being dressed in public. Beyond that, we buy the type of clothes for a purpose that suits our need. One reason to buy clothes is actually inspiration.

    We buy a cake for the enjoyment it will bring to our taste buds (and somehow we block out of our minds what it will do for our waist line), not for the sake of having a cake. Thus the saying, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    So using the car again and thinking of the audience, what do they really want. When it comes to maintenance, how does working several days of overtime to pay for the fix and repair compare to the lesser cost of maintenance and having the time to be with family? How does reliable transportation fit the mix?

    Sometimes you cannot afford not to have the maintenance done.

    But what's really wanted...?time with the family.

    Put the two together and you have a one two punch that is sure to win.

The third element, your most wanted response (MWR)? What do you hope to accomplish with your speech? What is it you hope to motivate within your audience? What result do you want? What is the inspiration you want everyone to walk away with. Use that as a filter for the two step process and you are on your way.

By using this simple two step formula and the MWR filter, you can give the audience what they really want and motivate them with your speech resulting in your most wanted inspiration. has more of the artwork and my speeches about my art. If you like art you will like this. Home: The Public Speaking Inspiration Website

Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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