Inspirational Public Speaking Elements

Do You Know How Inspiration in Public Speaking Happens?

Is your inspirational public speaking failing because you don’t know How the audience mind works?

First you need to know that, quite simply, you cannot inspire your audience!

If this is true, then we would need to know what inspiration is and what its not. To find out lets start by considering the definition. Then look at the what can make it possible to reach the audience with inspirational public speaking. This involves tapping into the audience mind.

Inspire, a verb, is not something you can necessarily do for someone else. You can not breath for another person or cause them to inspire air to sustain their life. It is a natural process of life.

Neither can you cause their spirit to be permeated with the urge or feeling to accomplish or achieve something creative. You cannot infuse confidence into their spirit or psyche.

So why is there a motivational and inspirational industry worth billions? This is because those making the money understand a basic truth of human nature. They understand how the audience mind works.

Inspirational Public Speaking: How the Mind Works

    You can create the circumstances or situation where it is possible for inspiration to take place in another person. You can share stories or experiences that could produce the urge or feeling to accomplish or achieve in a person. This is only true if they are open to inspiration.

    Words can be used that will create the circumstance or situation. Words said in the right way, right tone and with the right emotion. Words can build up and as a fuel is to fire, they can create and foster further action from the listeners.

    Just as it is not possible to animate their life, we cannot animate feelings within someone. So if it is not possible to inspire, then how is it possible to create the circumstance or situation where they are can be inspired.


    We can encourage others. This happens when we help or build confidence in another so that they will try to accomplish something they would otherwise not consider.

    Key to success here is compliment the action and not the person. Rather than commending the person it would be better to focus on the skill, quality or effort.

    “Your a great public speaker,” would become “The talk was very encouraging, I especially appreciated ......”


    To embolden someone or give such a boost to their confidence to a point that they would do something bold or courageous.


    Someone would be heartened by good news. It has a sense of renewing the spirit. We can hearten someone with encouragement or giving strength with stories of others facing the same.


    We foster or encourage by nurturing or extending assistance. It can be both a positive and a negative thing.

    A speaking coach would provide such encouragement.


    We can instigate which is encouragement to do something, usually of a negative nature.


    We stimulate, rouse to action or effort.

    Questions are one of the ways to stimulate thinking? Be careful with the kind of questions you use however.

    To ask how many people want to be rich might get a few hands to go up. Many may be turned off, not necessarily wanting to be rich. Or the spam filters of the little gray computer inside our head will stop any further input.

    The best words to use are those that tap into how the brain works. Using the hard-wiring of the brain to help it accomplish what it does best.

    True life stories that people can relate to often have more appeal than just words. They are among the best way to create a circumstance or situation that a person could be inspired by.

    Another way to reach the audience mind is to create a problem solution scenario.

    Look at the title of this article. If you are reading this, it was because you wanted to know the answer to the problem posed in the headline.

    Incorporating techniques that work as triggers on the audience mind you will improve your inspirational public speaking and the potential to inspire your audience.

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