How Can You Inspire When Public Speaking?

What is Inspiration? How Can Speaking Inspire?

The word inspire can be defined literally as breathe in. A secondary definition means a stimulation of the intellect or emotions. Inspiration in the latter sense could result in action of some sort. We would normally think of the creation of a work of art or a solution to a problem in this sense.

So if you can breath, you can create inspirational words and thoughts that can move others.

To create an inspirational speech, use timely topics along with things close to peoples hearts. This formula has helped me be successful both in my speaking and in creating my art. Can it work for you?

Two elements needed to inspire in a speech. Use these and your speeches will be inspirational.

Are you using the inspirational elements in your public speaking?

Our life force is sustained by inspiration

What’s interesting about the use is the history of the word inspiration. The ancient Hebrew and Greek words for spirit were the root word that meant breath. In other words, our spirit or life is sustained by breathing or inspiration.

In the same sense, the ideas and motivations stimulated within the intellect can be in a sense breathed in, we inspire them. They are a by product resulting from our life force.

Speech has the power to accomplish this stimulation of both intellect and emotions. Used wisely and judiciously, it is a powerful tool to accomplish much good.

It is in this broad definition that the greatest potential for our speech lies. The ability to ethically stimulate the intellect and emotions to bring about positive changes in the way we think. This is a process where we in part use speech to re-write the programming in our brain or the gray matter of our listeners.

Mind Body Spirit speaking to all three, an illustration you can use.

Conversaton Starters can be used to get a conversation with one or a group. You can use these to inspire your listeners. Here is an example you can use to prime your audience for further inspiration.

Inspirational Motivation can come from stories.

A Smile is communication with out speech.

It is also a primary form of inspiration. What happens when you smile at someone. They often will smile back. Why? That is the power of showing your pearly whites as a form of communication. To appreciate the importance of smiling and how it can affect you and your audience, read more about the benefits of sharing a beautiful smile. Did you know there are different kinds of smiles? Read on.

Anger Management is possible using just words. It is even possible to help a person eliminate anger from their personality. It is done by inspiring your listener.

Beliefs Creating a paradigm shift buy teaching the audience how to question the beliefs in gossip and every day things they hear can be inspiring.

"A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds."--Mark Twain

Where Can Inspiration Be Found?

Where do you start to write and give an a speech that will inspire. Mostly within your own life. Each of us have a compelling story about something in our life that could speak to or breath into the emotions of an audience. Inspirational words and songs are around us. Look on walls, listen to the radio.

All around you will find the material to stimulate the intellect and emotions of others.

Poetry Does Not Inspire You?

If you don’t like poetry, the question is how much and what kind have you heard. Is it possible you don’t like something you were never exposed to. My taste didn't much allow for poetry until hearing works by Shell Silverstein. Listening to it changed my perception. Could expanding your horizons change your perception too?

Now I use inspirational poetry to move my audiences. It may move you too. It will likely have an effect on your audience if you weave some poetry into one of your talks.

In addition to poetry, prose are another way to reach the strings of the heart and tug on them. Especially when they are rich with human emotion and feeling.

A Story From You

Your story can move mountains if you frame it as an inspirational story.

An example was an Aids patient from some years ago. The young patient wanted to die. The desire and hope of ending the suffering was almost realized. Life was over, there was just one last job to be done. Willing the end of the physical existence.

Between the Doctor and myself we inspired this patient to keep living. It is regrettable that I cannot give the doctor the credit he deserves here. He spent close to 35 minutes with this young person.

The doctor may not realize it, but it was his speech to the young person that probably saved the life. Oh the medicine sustained the life force, but it was the words, the speech the doctor gave that touched or inspired the young person to want to keep living.

This I Believe. is a true life and death story of how words can heal, can save lives. Please read this brief story why, This I Believe.

What was the inspiration that change the mind? The inspiration that breathed stimulation into the intellect and emotions of the young dyeing body. What made it come alive and make it want to live even though it was coming close to obliging the original wish of the mind?

The desire to tell the story of how it happened. The desire to help others from ending up in the same situation. A personal true to life story.

That is your best inspiration speech.


An Inspirational Poem and the painting that inspired it. The Speech to Inspire Website

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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