Interesting Speech Topics

To find interesting speech topics there is a need to know what interests the majority of your audience. Pick something your interested in and you will only be guaranteed of one person interested. Research your audience and you can have the majority interested in what you have to say.

Interesting in public speaking is defined as the quality of being curious or capturing and holding the attention of an audience.

Interest is defined as a desire to know or learn about something.

Interesting speech topics need to be interesting to your audience.

Interesting Speech Topics: The List In the News Mysterious Bird and Fish Deaths? Conspiracy Alert!

Animals Rights: Should they have more or less


Dealing with E-mail SPAM

Business law

Contract law (a contract does not need to be in writing to be enforceable)







Water Sports

Green Movement

Reducing Electric Bills by Changing to LED lighting


What Causes Bloating

Bloating: How Diet Can Help

Inflammation: How Diet Can Help

Alternative Complimentary Medicine

Eastern Medicine

Simple Natural Way to Stop Leg Cramps

Weight Loss

Tips to Reduce Cholesterol

Microscopy: Looking at live blood to find out what is wrong with you

Ice Craving Could Mean Anemia

Why Guys Who Cuddle are Happier & Healthier

Simply, How Do You Lower Cholesterol?


Senior Health

Food Additives

Causes of Knee Pain

MSG Dangers

Mental Health: Hording

Life Transitions: From School to Work, Work to Retirement or Death

Health and Wellness Tourism

The Mind

Best Books to Read


Lip Reading

Mental Health


Books vs Readers

Urban Legends ( is a great resource)


Law and Government

Business Law

Businesses Should be Punished More Severely for Wrongdoing (see the documentary The Corporation)

Terrorism Has Never Brought Positive Benefits

Is there ever a Justification for Terrorism

Parts of the Internet Should be Censored

Conspiracy Theories about ___________

Wills vs Revocable Living Trusts


Seat Belt Use

Banning Beauty Contests

Banning Child Beauty Contests

Internet censorship




Searching Students Lockers Should / Should Not be Legal to Search.

Students Should / Should not have to Wear Uniforms

How to Score a 4.0 GPA Without Studying

How to Improve Listening at Lectures

How to Improve Reading and Remembering



The Nursing Shortage

Researching an Essay

Society and Culture

TV has a Negative Influence on Society / TV does not have a negative influence

Horror Movies have a Negative Influence on Society

Fashion is based on Social Mood (Research the Elliot Wave Theory)

Fashion is an Indicator of Social Mood (Research the Elliot Wave Theory)

Fashion is an Indicator of the Market

Colors as a Market Indicator

Global Warming Realities or Fictions



Improve School Grades

Divorce and the effects on children


Rural Living

Time Zones

Urban Legends

Telecommunications (Video Phones: The New Telephony)

Challenges of Working Mothers

Having vs Experiencing

How To...

How to be Frugal

Save money on gasoline

Speak text / net lingo

Face painting on a Child

How to make an uncommon paper air plane

Applying make-up for the stage

Avoiding Student Debt

Applying make-up for TV

Cleaning golf clubs

Counting in French

Counting in Spanish

Counting in German

Counting in Greek

Decorating a specialty cake

Juggling balls or pins

Setting a table for a dinner party

Mixing a cocktail

Packing for international travel

Painting a small table

Passing written exams

Preforming card tricks

Playing the game of chess

Researching an Essay

Setting a Table

Sending an email over the internet

Surfing the internet

Tying a Windsor necktie

Tying a half Windsor tie

Tying a bow tie

Using a Cell Phone

Programming a cell phone

Programming a TV remote control

Wrapping a gift

Packing a suitcase

This list of interesting speech topics should get you started. Have more interesting speech topics that could be added to our list. Please send them over and we will consider them.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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