International Public Speaking

International public speaking has unique requirements for each country. New to, you can be a part of by submitting your knowledge in the form of an article you write.

Your speaking is similar to the speaking you will do in your homeland. The exception, when it comes to the three pillars, voice, verbalization and visualization, there are additional rules that apply.

If native language or foreign language public speaking, there are concerns to be aware of.


Some languages have tonal variations that change meanings. When trying to speak in a language that is not your native tongue, it can often get a chuckle out of the audience. However, it could offend the audience. Some words that you may mispronounce may be swear words.

    Note:Guilty of both, let me say that even properly pronounced words can cause confusion if you are not a native speaker. This can happen even if your speaking words correctly. Get the wrong conjugation and it compounds it.

    So, once when speaking in Spanish saying that I was a nurse (rather than I am a nurse), the audience laughed. With no clue as to why, continuing to speak, they laughed again. Clueless as to what the audience was laughing about, a young boy explained afterwords. When I said nurse (infamaro) the audience thought I was saying I had been sick for several years (infermo). Then when the audience realized they were wrong, they laughed at themselves for getting it wrong.

Bottom line...get a coach that is a native speaker and familiar with the customs of the area.


The words you say are also important. Numerous problems have arisen from the improper use of words by one diplomat or another. If experienced word smiths can make mistakes, all the more reason for care to be extended to the words we use to express ourselves when speaking to nonnative audiences or in lands foreign to us.

In most cases, it is always appreciated when speakers know of and speak about the culture of the area you are visiting. When traveling abroad and speaking, it is often that someone will come up and ask how I know so much about their country. Taking the time to learn and understand will endear you in the minds and hearts of the audience.


The dress we wear can make a difference when in another land. Some lands it is not necessary to wear a tie and still be considered formal. In some cases, it would be highly inappropriate for a woman to wear slacks. Some cultures men would not even hear a woman speak. Likewise, it may be improper for a man to speak to any women, especially if they are married.

Should this happen to you, it is not your place or the time to enforce your morality on those of whom you are a guest in their country.

A part of all three pillars could be called international ethics. There are some things that, although acceptable in your native land, could be considered rude, crude, or even obscene in another land. This area of study will grow as we continue to research this topic. Please come back to check for additions.

International Public Speaking

What if your from another country. Think about those words. If you are reading this anywhere, you are in another country. So what can you do to attain Speechmastery?

Speaking With an Interpreter

Gestures to Avoid These are especially important where ever you speak. More and more audiences are international.

There is much more to come on the topic of international public speaking. The International Public Speaking Resource

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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